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From 10 to 1: See how Tommy Blake finally found a direct path to trading profits

Tommy Blake

Real Estate Investor

Tommy Blake is a 53-year-old real estate investor who was actively looking for a way to generate faster returns from his stock investment portfolio.

In the past, Tommy’s primary strategy was to buy and hold mutual funds and ETFs. Unfortunately, this long-term approach was not producing the kind of returns he had in mind. He needed better returns and wanted to accelerate the growth of his net worth.

Although many investment experts recommend that investors not try to time the market, there are significant downsides to buying and holding stocks, mutual funds and ETFs like Tommy had been doing up to that point.

For example, taking a buy and hold approach makes most investors complacent and uninformed. If you don’t believe me, walk down the street and ask people where they have their 401k money invested. You’ll quickly discover that the vast majority of Americans have little or no idea where their retirement savings are being invested on their behalf.

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Tommy Blake is a real estate investor who lives and works in Midlothian, Texas. In the past, Tommy took a traditional buy and hold approach when it came to stock investing. Unfortunately, he wasn’t satisfied with the returns he was getting, so he decided to learn how to trade.


Midlothian, Texas


Real Estate Investor

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Total Alpha

Hope Is Not a Strategy

Believe it or not, most people trust mutual fund managers to grow their money, in hopes that one day they’ll have enough to retire comfortably. Of course, this rarely happens.

A second downside to buying and holding stocks is you don’t get much of chance to develop the valuable skill of buying stocks at a discount and selling them at a higher price. Everybody knows that the key to making money in stocks, or almost any other type of investment is to buy low and sell high.

With buy and hold investing, the best you can do is passively wait and hope the market goes up over time and praying that the fund managers don’t make a bad decision with your hard-earned money.

Lastly, a buy and hold approach requires lots of patience. Why? Well because it’s slow. Really slow. The market trends up and down over time, and if you’re lucky, your portfolio will grow big enough to provide you with a decent income during retirement.

On the other hand, if the fund managers you trusted didn’t perform well, you’re going to come up short. And unless you have another source of income, you’re probably going to struggle financially during what are supposed to be your golden years.

Instead of calling it a “buy and hold” strategy, maybe it should be called a “buy and hope” strategy

“In the past, I was focused on simple buy and hold of mutual funds and ETF’s. Unfortunately, that approach wasn’t generating the kind of returns I was looking for.”

Tommy Blake

Real Estate Investor

From 10 Trading Services To Just One

Tommy Blake was well aware of the risks that come with a buy and hold strategy. That’s why he was determined to find a way to speed up the rate at which he earned income and grew his net worth. The solution was to start trading stocks and options in his spare time.

“At one point, I had 10 different subscriptions”, said Tommy. “But I soon realized that Jeff Bishop’s Total Alpha gave me the best opportunity for profits. Not all trades are winners, but the win-rate is one of the best I’ve ever seen!”

He continued, “Total Alpha gave me a clear and direct path to profits. Jeff’s training and instruction are always clear and concise. I wanted a simple path to follow, and his methodology was perfect for me.”

“At one point, I had 10 different subscriptions and Total Alpha gave me the best opportunity for profits.”

Tommy Blake

Real Estate Investor

Having Realistic Expectations Is Key

A common trait of successful traders is they have realistic expectations and constantly resist the temptation to get greedy. While they’re always looking for ways to increase their upside, they also protect their downside.

As a member of Total Alpha, Tommy has learned to expect to have winning and losing trades in his portfolio, so he secures his profits whenever possible.

He says, “I’ve learned to protect my winners with trailing stops and make sure to harvest profits by taking some money off the table, then letting a portion of the trade run to higher levels.”

“I bought the Goldman Sachs 230 19OCT CALLS last week after it was added to Total Alpha. Hit the jackpot today with a $2,500 gain and let 1/2 of my position run. With my trailing stop, I expect to make a minimum of $5,000 on this one trade. BAM!”

Tommy Blake

Real Estate Investor

Coming Soon: A New Ski Chalet in The Rockies

When it comes to actual results, Tommy is very pleased with the progress he’s been making with Jeff Bishop and Total Alpha.

We asked if he has made any good trades lately, and here’s what he told us:

“I bought the Goldman Sachs 230 19OCT CALLS last week after it was added to Total Alpha. Hit the jackpot today with a $2,500 gain and let 1/2 of my position run. With my trailing stop, I expect to make a minimum of $5,000k on this one trade. BAM!”

Needless to say, Tommy is fired up about having the ability to earn significant gains virtually on demand. It’s like night and day when compared to the slow growth he was getting with buying and holding mutual funds and ETFs.

Tommy’s newly acquired stock trading skills are opening up a world of new possibilities for him and his family.

“My goal is to buy a ski condo in Colorado, and I’m on my way to a nice down payment!”

“Jeff Bishop and his team are winners! As we all know this famous quote, “…surround yourself with the best… to achieve your best!”

“That’s my plan, and it’s working great so far!” he says.

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