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How This Busy Financial Coach is Turning His Spare Time Into Fast Cash

Tony Neumeyer

Financial Coach

For many of us, our jobs provide enough money for necessities.

We earn enough to pay for our housing and utilities, buy basic food, put gas in the car, and keep the kids in clothes and school supplies.

We manage to save enough money to rent a cottage at the lake or go camping for our vacation once a year.

We can buy a few new items of clothing or a new appliance. Maybe we even go out to see a movie or eat at a modest-priced restaurant once in a while.

Many of us have a 401K or 403b where we put aside some money for retirement. Some of us may even have a health savings account.

In other words, our life is all right, but it lacks excitement.

To spice up our lives, we need to generate more cash flow.

An additional stream of cash can help pay for some nice indulgences, such as an exotic vacation or newer car. It may let us try the new gourmet restaurant in town or buy tickets to a live show.

That extra cash could help us pursue a lifetime interest or hobby, such as becoming a connoisseur of fine wines or traveling to a foreign country to learn a new language.

Having more extra cash could add some much-needed excitement to our lives, right?

Here’s the problem. Most of us work a regular job that requires a lot of time and attention. We have friends and family obligations. Our time is precious.

The solution is to earn that extra cash without having to give up too much of that precious time.

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Tony Neumeyer is a Canadian financial coach who helps his clients accelerate the growth of their net worth and passive income through strategies he has developed. Because of his crowded schedule, Tony was searching for an easy and dependable way to earn extra cash without interrupting the rhythm of his day. After discovering Davis Martin’s system, he feels that he has finally found exactly what he was looking for.


Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Financial Coach

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Daily Profit Machine

Getting In And Out Quickly

Renowned entrepreneur and author Harvey Mackay once said that “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it.”

Tony Neumeyer, a financial coach from Canada, had traded currencies, stocks, and options in the past for long-term wealth accumulation. But he needed a good way to generate cash quickly.

It took some time, effort, and research to find the right system, but Tony eventually found a system that, with just a few minutes each morning, helps him earn extra cash consistently.

Tony begins each day by making a stock trade, which puts more cash in his pocket. As he puts it, “For the most part, I’m in and out of the trade within 10 to 15 minutes. I make one trade a day, and then I go on with the rest of my day.”

In short, Tony has found a relatively easy and dependable way to earn the extra cash he needs – without interrupting the rhythm of his day.

“I’ve traded currencies, stocks, and options in the past, but I was looking for something that would provide extra cash simply, without taking lots of my time during the day.”

Tony Neumeyer

Financial Coach

Accelerating His Cash Flow

Tony can earn that extra cash in 15 minutes a day, or even less, because of the guidance of his mentor, Davis Martin.

Tony chose Davis’ program, Daily Profit Machine because it helps him know which daily direction, strike price, and option date he needs to trade in order to get the best results in the least amount of time.

Although Tony is still new to Daily Profit Machine and is learning the system, “Davis’ direction and strike price have generally been sound,” he explains.

In fact, Tony has made nine trades, and eight of them have been winners, “I like what I’m seeing so far,” he says with a smile.

“I was looking for a system that was simple and fast. For the most part, I’m in and out of a trade within 10 to 15 minutes. I make one trade a day, then go on with the rest of my day.”

Tony Neumeyer

Financial Coach

Keeping Up The Momentum

Tony’s goal was to find a trading system that was simple and fast. He has finally found what he was looking for with Daily Profit Machine.

He has learned that one key to quick earnings, without too much risk, is to use limit orders only. “Don’t use market orders and be sure to enter limit exit orders also,” Tony advises people who are new to options trading. “You may miss out on some profits, but you’ll know your objectives when you start.”

Continuing to hone the Daily Profit Machine system is one of Tony’s goals.  Under Davis Martin’s guidance, he has learned to make his trades even more profitable while using very little time.

For Tony, trading helps ensure that he has the cash he needs every day, without having to pull it from investments. This way, he can enjoy life while still growing long-term savings. In fact, Tony has learned useful strategies in day trading that he can apply across all financial markets.

“I’m new to the Daily Profit machine and have taken nine trades with eight of them being profitable. For the most part, I’m in and out of the trade within 10 – 15 minutes. My profits range from 10% – 18%.”

Tony Neumeyer

Financial Coach

For now, Tony’s goal is to continue earning extra cash for luxuries in the short term, while doing an even better job of accumulating more wealth in the long run.

Improving his cash flow without giving up precious time is what Tony and most other traders are seeking. Now it’s possible with Daily Profit Machine.

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