Ask any successful stock trader how what he does differs from gambling, and you’ll likely get a rather robust response.

Successful traders take great pride in the knowledge, skill, and experience they bring to the markets. And so they should.

What they do every day is about as far removed as can be imagined from those happy go lucky weekenders in Las Vegas who risk their rent money on the spin of a roulette wheel.

That said, there are striking similarities between the mindset and skillset of traders and certain types of “gamblers” like Dollar Ace student, Vincent Rinaldi, who take poker so seriously they’re prepared to test their skills, but not their luck, on the professional poker tour.

Traders do not, of course, face a flesh and blood opponent directly across a table. The markets neither know nor care that the trader exists, and they cannot be bluffed or conned by any subtle psychological stratagems.

Although the trader doesn’t have to face down an identifiable human adversary, he does need to have someone on the other side of his trade.

To buy a stock at a certain price, there needs to be someone willing to sell at that price. Both buyer and seller need to believe that the agreed-upon price makes the transaction advantageous to both of them.

Of course, they can’t both be right.


Planning The Next Move

Just as the poker player tries to assess the strength of his opponent’s hand in relation to his own, traders use candlestick charts, patterns and indicators to try to determine the sentiment of the market, the relative numbers of buyers and sellers, and the likely direction of the next move in price.

For both players and traders, the ability to accurately analyze this data at speed and under pressure, taking only those trades that offer the right ratio of risk to reward, is essential for success.

But that’s not the whole story.

“I wanted to be able to trade options profitably.”


Key Attributes of Successful Players and Traders

Survival in the markets, as well as the poker table, requires excellent risk management. That’s to say, knowing exactly how much it’s safe to risk on any given trade or hand and adhering strictly to a predetermined limit, no matter how strong the temptation to chase what appears to be a lucrative opportunity.

Successful players and traders also share several key psychological attributes such as robust self-confidence, the ability to control their emotions, to take responsibility for their own decisions, and perhaps above all, to accept their inevitable losses with equanimity.

As a professional poker player, Vincent developed these qualities in spades. Also, having worked as an investment advisor, he was ideally placed to start a new career in the markets.


“I’m not afraid of venturing into options like I was once before. My position sizing has improved, and I learned to set both upper and lower goals.”


Making a Quick Return On a Long-Term Value Stock

Vincent knew that options could be a great way to generate an income and build a trading account quickly. Still, he was also aware of their reputation for complexity and approached them only with considerable professional caution.

It was Kyle Dennis’ mentorship that convinced him to take the plunge and rewarded him with a spectacular early win.

Currently priced at around $49, down from a pre-coronavirus high of just over $60, Coca-Cola is an undoubted blue-chip stock and still pays an attractive dividend even in these precarious times.

The returns on the $1 billion stake he took back in 1988 have been a significant factor in making Warren Buffet one of the wealthiest individuals ever to walk on planet earth.

Of course, you may not think of Coca Cola’s stock as the most obvious place to look for short-term trading profits.

The beauty of options, though, is they can produce immediate results from almost any stock and in any market.



“KO, right off the watch list… 201% in 28 minutes!”


Chalking Up a 201% Win in Less Than 30 Minutes

For example, Vincent was able to bank a 201% return on Coca-Cola options by following Kyle’s recommended entry and exit. The trade played out in just 28 minutes, which is faster than most hands of poker.

After a quick win like this, he has become an enthusiastic fan of Kyle’s methods.

“The popular press tells us these things can’t happen and that what Kyle is doing is not possible. Well, I’m here to say he’s one of a kind. He has made it possible to do the impossible.”

What Kyle has really done, as he has for so many Dollar Ace students, is simply remove the unwarranted fear that so often surrounds options trading.

“I’m not afraid of venturing into options like I was once before,” confirms Vincent, “My position sizing has improved, and I learned to set both upper and lower goals.”

It’s this systematic, calculated approach to risk management that is the real key to success in both poker and trading.

By combining Kyle’s knowledge with his own experience at the tables, most would agree that Vincent is exceptionally well-placed to achieve his goal of generating consistent, safe profits for himself and his loved ones.


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