The 24 Month Millionaire

How Taylor Conway Lived The American Dream

Taylor’s office career looked just like millions of others; dead-end, underpaid, and boring.

With a young wife and a one-year-old son, Taylor dreamed of new levels of income and freedom.  Having tried his hand in the stock market several times before, he stumbled upon a group of traders called RagingBull where he met the men who would completely change his financial future.

Their names were Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond.

This fortunate meeting took place in Texas in 2016 while Taylor was attending a RagingBull Conference.  His goal was simply to check out the strategy and the training which he had heard so much about online; but actually meeting the co-founders of such a successful team convinced him to make a personal commitment to learning from the very best.

The teaching style, methodology, and track records of Jeff and Jason were extremely compelling on their own, but the final deciding factor in Taylor’s story would ultimately be his own internal drive for success.  In short, he really wanted it.  

Taylor readily admits, “It was an uphill battle, for sure. No one should lie to you and tell you that it’s easy. It hasn’t been easy.” 

But what is has been is highly profitable.

“There have been lots of ups and downs in the last two years. More ups than downs, now that I look at it, of course. But I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything in the world. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I’m super happy with the way and the speed that I got there”.

Something Taylor learned early on in his journey with the RagingBull team was that having the right mentor can make all the difference in the world.  In fact, learning from Jason Bond was perhaps the single greatest financial “break” that Taylor would ever have.

Not surprising at all.

Tens of thousands of traders, both brand new or highly experienced, have discovered the incredible benefits of Jason Bond’s training and trading.  There is simply nothing else quite like it in the world.  

So How About You?

When you read the story of Taylor’s journey to financial freedom are you encouraged to imagine yourself doing the same thing?  Do you have the internal drive it takes to literally see your dreams come true? Have you ever wished for a proven mentor that could help you develop the  know the “how to” of being a successful trader?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above then Start Here Right Now.

Why not take a free look at who Jason Bond is, and the extreme value he offers to people from all walks of life just like you?

Jason is truly a “one-of-a-kind” when it comes to his ability to train and demonstrate the investing strategy he has developed. In all types of market conditions, Jason continues to amaze even some of the most skeptical inquirers.  

Which is why Right Now is the time for you to see for yourself.  This limited opportunity to take a first look into Jason’s system of training and trading could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Click Here to get a front row view of Jason’s process, as well as some extremely valuable free help with his very best high-conviction trades each and every week.

There is no cost or obligation whatsoever to check it out.  Nothing to lose. Much to gain.

So get started Here And Now.  Your story is waiting to be written!


See you there,

The RagingBull Team

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