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Markets were down on Wednesday, as COVID concerns are back en vogue. 

Today we’re breaking down what exactly happened. 

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Florida man strikes again

And so it begins (again)…

Markets had a rough day yesterday, with the Dow dropping over 700 points on news that in several states coronavirus is flaring up like a bad case of herpes. The S&P dropped 2.59% and even the Nasdaq fell 2.19% as California and Florida announced the highest rates of new cases of coronavirus in their respective states since this whole fiasco began.

What does it mean? Well, nobody knows. And that’s the issue. *Volatility has entered the chat*

But CT, NY, and NJ aren’t taking any chances…

Yesterday afternoon the tri-states posted travel restrictions, requiring people who hail from “troubled areas” to quarantine for 14 days. My how the tables have turned, Florida.

Anything to get excited about?

You mean other than the fact that murder hornets turned out to be a bust? 

Well, your crazy aunt who doesn’t trust “big brother” could end up on the right side of history, after all… assuming she didn’t trade her stockpile of gold bullion for bitcoin. 

Yesterday the price of the precious metal hit $1.8k it’s highest in 8 years. Spoiler: investors pile into gold when sh*t is hitting the fan.

The bottom line…

So, how is the Patron Saint of Quantitative Easing (read: Jay Powell) going to save us this time? He’s already done it…

You see, the US central bank went nuclear on ‘rona boi, making $2.3T available to buoy the US economy. But so far, it’s only distributed $143B (note: the Small Business Administration has loaned out most of the Payroll Protection Program cash) and its Main Street Lending Program hasn’t even made a single loan yet. Not exactly living up to its potential.

So why haven’t companies and municipalities taken advantage of Jay’s money printer? Well, there are a few reasons… 

Some of the programs (we see you Main Street Lending Program) have been difficult to implement. And others, like the municipal facilities, just don’t make a lot of sense as they’re more of a bandaid than a long-term solution.

Not to mention many companies MacGyvered their own rescue packages before Uncle Sam could save the day (because capitalism), plus the economy recovered much more quickly than Jerry Interest Rates and the gang originally expected.

The good news? Jay Powell has got his finger on the trigger and he already typed in the cheat code for unlimited ammo.

☑️ Grim forecast.

The International Monetary Fund had some bad news for fans of a healthy global economy. So, all of us. On Wednesday, it cut its economic forecast, warning that public finances will go down the tubes as governments adjust to COVID fallout. Oh, that really doesn’t sound good. 

The party poopers at the IMF expect a contraction of 4.9% in global GDP, even worse than the 3% it was bracing for in April. The bad news doesn’t stop there, the IMF also downgraded its GDP forecast for 2021, with a growth rate of just 5.4%, down from the initial 5.8% growth rate it predicted. At least we can look forward to 2022. 

☑️ Tariffying.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse… tariffs rear their ugly head. But it’s not what you think. These tariffs are the European variety. 

The US is “studying” the possibility of slapping tariffs, up to 100%, on $3.1B worth of goods coming from Frace, Germany, Spain, and the UK. This is all part of an ongoing feud between the US and EU over subsidies Airbus (a European company) and Boeing (a US company… although, tbh, Europe can have it if they want).

☑️What’s for dinner?

Square is getting itself back into the delivery game. Less than a year after selling Caviar to DoorDash, @Jack and the Square gang announced that restaurants using its point of purchase software will have the option of delivering food to consumers’ homes. 

Square won’t be doing the delivery, though. It will partner with Postmates and plans to add additional delivery partners down the road. Seems like a perfect opportunity for UberEats to botch another major deal.

☑️ Whoop, there it is.

The PGA got its hands on more than 1k Whoop Straps to test its golfers, caddies, and personnel for COVID-19. Whoop Straps, which sound like a 90’s children’s toy that’s been discontinued due to safety concerns, measure vital signs like respiration and heart rate. PGA player Justin Watney tested positive after his fitness band informed him that his respiratory rate had spiked, despite not showing any other symptoms. 

The Boston-based wearables company raised $55M in a Series D round back in November. Investors in Whoop include Twitter and Square (another @Jack joint).


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