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The markets did what they did best on Friday… cratered.

And today we’re talking DJ D-Sol’s big pay day.

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Job Well Done

Somebody “met most expectations.”

During his first full year as CEO, DJ D-Sol got the kinda raise that analyst’s wet dreams are made of: 19%. That includes a $2M base, $7.65M in cash bonus and $17.85M in long-term incentives. That’s a total of $27.5M for all of the Occupy Wall Streeters looking to complain on Facebook about this.

The heir to Lloyd’s throne bested his peer’s raises, dwarfing Jamie Dimon and James Gorman’s 1.6% increase and 6.9% decrease, respectively. F*cking betas. 

But before the Dimon ride or dies @ us, it’s probably worth noting that Solomon’s raise likely reflects a right-sizing for his role, and JD still leads the league tables with $31.5M total comp.

So Davey “8:30 at Dorsia” Solomon killed it, right?

Well, not quite. Let’s take a stroll back through time to the year of our lord 2019, shall we? Solomon inherited the 1MDB sh*tshow from his predecessor and despite his best efforts, has failed to make it disappear. 

In fact, the bank’s Q4 profit was dented by a $1.1B litigation charges. And that might just be the beginning as D-Sol and the masters of the universe continue discussion with the US Justice Department as part of a multi-billion dollar 1MDB settlement.

He also trimmed the fat (read: cut layers of management) and shipped Goldmanites to lower-cost locations. I hear Utah is beautiful this time of year. This was part of an initiative to boost return on equity from 11.5% to 13% over 3 years. *Checks in on how that initiative is going for him over the past month* 

Arguably the most important power moves D-Sol made weren’t in the DJ booth. His focus on consumer lending (sup, Marcus), including the Apple card, and wealth management, has upended business as usual. It’s still too early to tell if these bets will pay off.

Of course, Goldman’s share price rose 38% during his first year at the helm (note: the stock is down 40% so far in 2020), so he’s got that going for him.

The bottom line… 

What’s the sentiment at 200 West St.?

While El Capitan was counting Scrooge McDuck piles of money, Junior Joe and the rest of the bourgeoisie had to swallow bonuses that would make Deutsche Bank scoff. But that’s showbiz, baby. 

Across the board on Wall Street bonuses were largely lackluster. According to compensation survey data and chatter on the street, bonuses were more likely of the “flat-to-down” variety for 2019.

☑️ Triggered. 

Another day, another triggered limit. Donald Trump addressed the nation last night. While he did, all three US stock index futures hit their down limits on Sunday. Why… Sunday Scaries? Not quite. Investors were waiting to see if representatives in Washington can agree to a stimulus package to deal with the economic effects of COVID (spoiler: they didn’t).

The proposed stimulus package failed to pass a vote in the Senate, falling short of the 60 vote requirement by a count of 47-47 due to disagreements on the $500B the Treasury would use to make loans and the amount of unemployment assistance provided for hospitals, state, and local govs. Back to the drawing board.


☑️The FCC will let me be?

The FCC, a notorious enemy of Eminem, is apparently a fan of antennas. SpaceX received approval from the FCC to launch the antenna rollout of its Starlink internet project, which would provide high-speed internet to anywhere in the world via 12k satellites. They’ll be watching you through your laptop camera before you know it. 

These 12k satellites would interact with nearly 1M antennas on the ground, which would serve as the middle man between the earthlings and the internet. 360 satellites were launched last year, so only 11,640 more to go! 


☑️Ventilation Musks.

Elon Musk tweeted Friday that his minions, aka Tesla and SpaceX employees, are working on producing ventilators. This, just one day after NYC’s mayor Bill de Blasio asked Musk directly to help with the shortage of masks the hospitals have to help combat COVID. But he’s doing it because he wants to, and DeBlasio’s ask was merely a coincidence. 

Tesla would be joining other automakers in the fight. GM, VW, and Ford have all talked with the White House and are looking into what they can do to help, like VW using 3D printing to make hospital ventilators. Those hospitals will likely still face shortages in the short term, as the produced hardware would need to be tested by medical professionals and approved by the FDA before being rolled out to the public. The FDA really likes to be involved, doesn’t it?

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