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“Pouring one out for Zuck…” – Jeff

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The markets were up on Wednesday, led once again by the tech sector. 


Today we’re looking at Facebook’s big day.


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Let’s go shopping

Zuckerbot strikes again. And this time he’s taking a page right out of Jeffrey Commerce’s playbook…

The ‘Facebook Shop’ was unveiled on Wednesday, which will allow businesses to create online catalogs of their products directly on the Facebook app. Consumers will then be able to browse and purchase directly in the dedicated shopping section of the app. So FB Marketplace… just without completely useless sh*t?


Seems familiar


Businesses were already able to add a catalog on their Facebook pages, but there was no dedicated section where users could browse multiple businesses at once. 

A similar feature was also implemented earlier this year that let businesses create one product listing that was distributed across Facebook’s family of apps (Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, the OG ‘book… no love for Oculus?)


So, is this good?


Investors seemed to think so, as shares closed at an all-time high of $303.91 on the day, having risen 8.22% during trading.

Analysts believe that the expansion of Facebook’s e-commerce presence will give the company a “significant opportunity” for monetization. Because, you know, clearly that’s been an issue. And while advertising will still be the company’s main revenue stream, this secondary focus on e-commerce could be a real catalyst for the discovery of small and mid-sized businesses (read: companies that can invest ad dollars on FB). 


The bottom line…


Speaking of advertising, who loves personalized ads? Anybody? No, no hands… ok.


Facebook is making a scene because it claims that privacy changes to Apple’s iOS14, which is scheduled to be released this fall, will hinder Zuckerberg’s ability to collect a person’s advertising identifier without the user’s permission. And that if a user rejects it (which, who tf wouldn’t?), then ad sales may be affected.


Don’t you just hate it when a company can’t collect your personal data without your knowledge?


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☑️Not good enough. Aloha ohana. Salesforce announced yesterday that it would be cutting 1k jobs despite a monster quarter. The company is hoping to streamline its organization further, despite coming off a quarter where revenue climbed 29%. 


The company also increased its annual sales forecast. So it’s safe to say those jobs being cut aren’t in the sales department. Investors were more excited than the employees that got pink slips, and Salesforce’s shares jumped 26% on the day. Ah, capitalism.


☑️Stay the course. The Fed is expected to keep interest rates where they are for the foreseeable future as part of a new monetary policy. The plan, which is expected to be unveiled as early as next month, could see interest rates hanging around zero for at least the next five years. “Where do I see myself in five years? Hopefully not running this dumpster fire anymore.” – Jay Powell, probably. 


The move could also see the Fed taking a more lax stance on inflation, going so far as to allow it to rise above the current 2% target to make up for this sh*show that has been 2020. Jay Powell is expected to reveal the new plan today at the central bank’s Jackson Hole conference.


☑️WAP (Wet Ass Property). First Street Foundation is prepared to change the way we think about home buying. That is, if flooding concerns are something you consider when buying a home. Working with more than 80 researchers and scientists, the non-profit is mapping out the flood risk data on more than 142M homes and properties in the US. 


The data also includes projections for the length of a standard mortgage, so potential buyers can see what sort of impacts rising sea levels and warming global temperatures might have on their future investment.


Realtor.com is including that risk data in its listings as of this week. If this move is like anything else in the real estate tech realm, Zillow and the other big boys will be sure to follow, potentially shifting the entire real estate market and the way Americans shop for homes. 


☑️Home improvement. Dick’s Sporting Goods reported earnings Wednesday, and this quarter was a grower and a shower. The sporting goods store was helped in large part by gym closures thanks to COVID, as customers flooded its website to purchase in-home exercise equipment to fend off the quarantine fifteen. According to the phonetically phallic sporting goods company, online sales nearly tripled in the quarter ended August 1. 


On the news, Dick’s’ shares climbed more than 14%. That despite COVID potentially putting a damper on the ongoing return to school and the possible cancellation of fall team sports around the country. Looking at you, Tuscaloosa. Same-store sales also climbed, with a 20.7% jump in sales during the quarter, despite many of those stores being closed through the end of June.


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