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Markets were down on Tuesday as plunging oil prices continued to weigh on stocks.

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All rise

Finally some good news… with John Krasinski.

Snap, Chipotle, and Netflix all reported earnings after the bell Tuesday. 

Snap shares jumped 20% after hours thanks to beats in Daily Active Users (DAUs) and revenue. Yet Kylie Jenner still won’t re-download. 

Global DAUs came in at 229M, topping estimates of 224.5M and rising 20% compared to the same period last year. Along the same lines, the amount of time (daily) users spent watching mindless content on the Discover stories section rose 35% from last year. Thanks ‘rona! 

Snap’s earnings climbed to $462M, compared to $430M expected, which is 44% higher than Q1 2019. Not bad for an app that still makes me audibly ask “WHY” every time I open it. 

Chipotle Away

Chipotle had itself a day too, with shares rising 6% in extended trading thanks to an EPS beat and an increase in online orders. EPS of $3.08 surpassed estimates of $2.90. Not bad all things considered…

That revenue figure was mostly driven by digital sales (and guac), which increased 81% from last year. The burrito-maker focused on enhancing its mobile app to be more user friendly and partnered with delivery companies DoorDash and UberEats, which is great for getting COVID delivered directly to your doorstep.

COVID and Chill

Netflix went all Carole Baskins, absolutely annihilating new global subscriber estimates. Subscriber growth came in at 15.8M vs. a forecasted 8.47M. Is that really a surprise? People flocked to the ‘flix to catch shows like ‘Love is Blind’, ‘Too Hot to handle’, and ‘Tiger King’. 

Hulu’s more successful cousin had its first positive free cash flow ($162M) since 2014, which can mostly (*cough* entirely *cough*) be attributed to the lower expenses Netflix saw due to a worldwide pause in TV production. Shares of the Blockbuster killer rose initially 12% in after-hours trading, but leveled off as the late-session wore on. Just like your interest in ‘The Irishman’ after hour two.

The bottom line…

Netflix has seemingly taken over American culture for good, with more than 183M viewers globally. It’s reported that over 85M viewers watched at least 2 minutes of ‘Spenser Confidential’, 65M watched the Spanish version of ‘Money Heist’, and 64M watched ‘Tiger King’.

Will the viewership keep up after quarantine is over? No, and even Netflix admits that membership growth won’t be as robust in Q2. But don’t worry, the ‘flix won’t be going anywhere, and will be right here waiting for you when that second wave of quarantine inevitably hits later this year.

☑️ Packing its bags.

Expedia is looking to sell. Coronavirus shutdowns haven’t done the travel industry any favors, and now the online booking tool is in talks to sell a stake in its business to Silver Lake and Apollo Global Management. A deal with the devil, if you will.

With the deal, that’s said to be in the neighborhood of around $1B Apollo and Silver Lake will receive board representation. And if they book now, they also get a discount on a rental car. 

☑️ Hood Certified.

The FDA is flexing its Emergency Use Act muscles, green-lighting LabCorp’s Pixel at-home COVID-19 test. LabCorp’s becomes the first at-home test to be approved for use by the FDA, which had previously indicated they would not give the thumbs up on at home test. Well that’s reassuring…

This authorization could be a huge step towards expanding COVID testing. If you’re wondering, the kit kind of works like those at-home colon screening services where you sh*t in a box. In this case, however, you just swab the back of your brain through your nose and mail it back to LabCorp. Sounds simple.

☑️ Timber!

Down goes Coca-Cola! According to Coke, global sales volume has fallen 25% since the beginning of April. CEO James Quincey also cautioned investors that despite Coke plants being back up and running in China, consumer spending will take a while to bounce back. 

The fall makes sense, considering around half of all Coke sales in the world occur at restaurants, sporting events, and bars. What’s worse? The Pride of Atlanta expects the coronavirus impact on Q2 to hit sales even harder. It’s always good to temper expectations.

☑️ Trim the fat.

Vice Media Group has layoffs on the horizon, according to an internal document. Probably shouldn’t have left that in the printer. Vice will allegedly be laying off 300 people in digital operations, a department that includes Vice News and Refinery29. I guess it beats getting kidnapped by Russians?

A vice spokeswoman told the WSJ that it was “one of several scenarios” under consideration. Sure, there are other scenarios, but I guarantee you this is the one anyone is Slacking about behind leadership’s back. 

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