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For The First Time, This Former Gym Teacher Tells All —
Revealing How He Snuck Into Wall Street’s Back Rooms…

“And Learned The Secrets That Allowed Him To Crack Wall Street’s Code and Become A Trading Success Story”

From the Desk of Jason Bond
Arlington, TX
Tuesday, 6:41 AM

Dear Reader,

Want to know how almost all self made millionaires made their fortune?

Generally, it’s one of three ways:
They started a business.
They advanced far in the corporate world.
They invested their money.

Realizing that wealth is typically built in only one of three ways simplified everything on my path to wealth.

I knew I didn’t want to start a business. After all, that requires incredible amounts of hard work and it’s certainly not guaranteed.

And advancing far in the corporate world may even rely more on luck. It requires years of playing office politics -- and even if you do all the right things it still is risky.

Which left me with one thing: investing.

You see, I genuinely believe that…

Investing Is The Best Way For Everyday People Like You Or I To Build A Lifetime Of Wealth

At the time I realized this, I was a struggling gym teacher. Today, I’m a successful multimillion dollar trader.

When you look at me, you often see a success story -- maybe you think I got lucky and it’s something you can’t achieve. But what you don’t see from my success story is the times I wanted to quit so desperately… the immense stress… the failed trades.

If you’re looking for your way out but are feeling lost, I have a lot of empathy for you.
I know how you’re feeling.

And I’d like to help.

I’d like to share how I became a self made multimillionaire investor -- the exact steps I took -- the secrets I learned -- and how you can follow in my footsteps.

Which is why if you’re interested in building your own fortune trading on the stock market...

This Will Be The Most Important Page You’ll Ever Read!

And here’s why: my name is Jason Bond. Over the past few years I’ve been in the spotlight dozens of times in places like Forbes, NYSE, The Huffington Post, and MSN all for one reason:

I single handedly built my fortune from scratch on the stock market.

Unlike other prominent people in the stock space, I’m truly self made. And not only have I made myself a fortune and set my family and I up for life,

I’ve Done The Same Exact Thing For Student After Student!

It’s not because I’m a genius with numbers or because I can predict how the market will move before everyone else.

In fact, as much as I hate to admit this… I’m not even necessarily a gifted trader. There’s plenty of people out there who are a lot smarter than I am -- but I still manage to make much more than them.


Simple: I sidestepped my way into Wall Street’s back rooms… I heard hushed conversations from trading elites who built their fortunes in the trenches… I learned the strategies that pay out big time… and I learned trading secrets they don’t want anyone else knowing.

And I’d like to share these secrets with you shortly.
But to illustrate the point that this is possible for you, I’d like to tell you my story.

Some time ago, I was a gym teacher -- and although I absolutely loved what I did, I realized that if I ever wanted freedom -- if I ever wanted to someday retire -- if I ever wanted to set my family and I up for a prosperous lifestyle, I’d have to do more.

Consider this…

If you take any group of 100 people at the start of their working years and follow them until retirement, here’s what you’ll find according to the Social Security Administration:

Only 1 of them will be wealthy… 4 will be financially secure… 5 will still be working (not because they want to but because they can’t afford not to)... 36 will be dead… and 54 -- over half -- will be dead broke, dependant on relatives, Social Security, and even charity for a minimum standard of living.

In other words...

If You Put 20 People In A Room, Only One Will Show Any Signs Of Being Financially Successful.

Here’s the painful part: do you think these other 19 people don’t want to be financially successful?


Nobody says they want to be broke -- yet 95 out of 100 will be.

And, statistically, you will be too.

That being said, very few people pay much attention to their financial future. They care more about how they’ll be able to buy the next shiny gadget, with little thought as to how they can build their wealth.

By being on this page, you’re already setting yourself apart from others. You do care about your future. You’re determined to not be apart of the 95 out of 100 who aren’t financially free.

And that’s Why I’d Like To Share The Secrets That Took Me From Struggling To Self Made Multimillionaire Investor With You

You see, when I first started I had nobody to look up to.

I had to find my own way into Wall Street’s back rooms and learn from the hushed conversations -- and I learned techniques more powerful than I ever imagined possible.

But when I was beginning my journey I made a vow to myself. If I ever figured out how to trade stocks… if I ever made something of myself… I would devote my life to helping others do the exact same. But even after I made my first million trading stocks I was still hesitant… after all, there’s so many people teaching stock trading out there, what makes me different?

Most Stock Trading Courses Are Scams!

They teach you commonly known trading techniques that aren’t effective… or even worse, they teach you outdated techniques that will actually lose you money.

Now to be clear, not all of these courses are scams -- but, frankly, most were.

When I realized this, it cemented the idea in my mind that I had to share the secrets that I was so lucky to discover years ago. The way I saw it, it was selfish not to -- I learned these secrets that allowed me to quit my job, build my own empire, and set myself up for life. Why should I keep this all to myself?

So I set out and eagerly gathered my first few students -- as they were learning I could tell they were as excited discovering these secrets as I was teaching them! Before long, they started seeing results. And very quickly, everything changed.

Consider this guy, Jay. Before learning my secrets, he was a truck driver. He absolutely hated being away from his family all the time and knew he had to change his life. Before long, he was able to quit his job and spend his days with his family, only working when he wanted to -- and he still made far more!

The other day, I received a testimonial from a former student of mine, Elwyn:

“One of the best teachers of a hard subject”

You likely won't find a better instructor for trading. The resources are not only helpful, but Jason's instruction has a polish that makes him stand out from others on the web, and that includes other pay sites. Videos are efficient, explanations are clear, and resources are plentiful, without being overwhelming. The topic alone has many complicated facets, so one cannot expect to learn everything in one night, but Jason puts together enough that to any diligent and thoughtful student his course is worthwhile. The principles he teaches are actually applicable to various kinds of trading, with the importance of chart reading, research, price action, technical analysis, entry and exit points. One would wish he would teach an intra-day trading options course. In any case, worth the money, and out of all the courses I have tried, and whose material I have read, any one who wants to get started, this is the place to start. Don't waste your time trying out other services.

And That’s Just Another Day In The Life Of A Trader With My Secrets!

Here’s another testimonial I received from another student of mine, Mark:

“JB…it’s only 11:00 am, and it has been an amazing day for me.
The best since joining the room back in July.
Up over $3,000 in less than 2 hours. Thanks so much!!”

Again, that’s nothing out of the ordinary -- my students and I both have had much better days! Consider this testimonial I received from Michael, a former student of mine who’s crushing it:

“I made total of $17,000 on trades from you in few days.
They should call you James instead of Jason.”

How Would Your Life Change If You Were Suddenly Able To Make An Extra $17,000 In Just A Few Days?
Take a minute and just picture your life.

You’d never get jarred awake from alarm clocks -- you’d never be stuck in traffic on your way to work for “the man”, doing a job you hate just to make him rich.
You can take your entire family on vacations wherever you want -- and for however long you want! You see, this isn’t only my life… it’s also the life of many students of mine.
And if you’ve read this far, it’s pretty clear you’re a fellow contrarian thinker. Society’s norms of waking up every morning and spending half your life working to make someone else rich isn’t appealing to you.

You’re constantly wondering “isn’t there more?”
And I’d like to congratulate you. Not only is that rare, it’s a wonderful mindset to have.
And that’s why I’d like to invite you in joining my students and I to learn my secrets in my breakthrough training, Jason Bond’s Ultimate Strategy Course.

You see, I decided to create a nothing-held-back course that tells all…

  • The quickest way to turn a tiny sum of money into an incredible fortune.

  • What never to do if you ever want to replace your 9-5 income with your trading income. If you make this mistake, it’ll be almost impossible to quit your 9-5.

  • My simple “profit philosophy” that other traders don’t talk about, despite it being one of the biggest factors of my success.

  • How to trade for outrageous windfall profits no matter what the economy looks like.

  • The unorthodox way I’m able to look at a chart and tell within minutes if it’ll make me wealthy or obliterate my money. (HINT: This is critical for trading success)

  • Why my TV has made me a millionaire -- and how yours can do the same for you.

  • What you must do immediately to have a proper trading mindset. Without this, you might as well just burn your money.

  • The easiest way to find stocks that are about to explode… get into them… and know when to sell them for BIG wins.

And that’s just scratching the surface of what I’m sharing… all the secrets I’m sharing are the reason that...

My Training Is Consistently Turning “Average Joes” Off The Street Into Million Dollar Traders -- In Just A Few Weeks!

Sound like a stretch? Maybe.

But it’s happened dozens of times over -- and will continue to happen for as long as I teach these secrets. And I’d like you to be my next success story.


To help ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS I want to GIVE you (as a bonus for investing in my new Strategy course) My Short & Long-Term Trading Alert Service!

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Here’s what’s included for a trial period with your strategy course:

  • My PERSONAL Trades (entries & exits) via email and text alert.

  • My DAILY watch list, where I’ll analyze what looks like a great move for the next day.

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  • Weekly profit goal as I’m trying to make 100k in profits every year!

  • Plus MORE

This bonus might be worth the price of the course itself...

You see, I’ve spent months scrutinizing over this teachings, making sure I present the secrets perfectly, creating a roadmap for you to go from 0 to 100 and quit your job as fast as you can. And I’ve finally gotten my course to a point where I’m satisfied with it.

Which is why I’m inviting you to join. And I’m so confident in that fact that my Alert Service is just icing on the CAKE FOR YOU! You can cut down your learning curve… very quickly quit your job… start living life on your own terms… For Less Than A Cup Of Coffee A Day!

You’ll spend more grabbing that cup of Starbucks on your way to work every morning then you will discovering the secrets that have made myself -- and so many students of mine -- wealthier than we could ever imagine.

And we continue to grow this wealth… everyday!

Could I have priced my course at an outrageous price like others -- $1,000 or even $2,000?


But my intention with teaching isn’t to make money. I’m already set financially. My intention is to help others build their own fortune… secure their own future. Which is why these priceless secrets are just $99. And although I don’t know you yet, I do know this about you:

You’re Not Like Everyone Else... You’re Too Ambitious For Your Own Good, Always Wanting More.

Frankly, you’re the person I want to teach. Because you’re exactly like I was (and still am) You see, a lot of people who read this won’t end up joining my teachings and learning the secrets that will free them financially. They’d rather spend that $99 on a night out for temporary pleasure.
But if I’m right -- and you are incredibly ambitious -- you care more about investing in yourself and your future than in temporary pleasure.

How do I know this?

Because all of my students have the same mindset as you. Remember when I said if you have 20 people in a room only 1 will be successful? Well, that’s true… but the competition is easy to get ahead of -- most people couldn’t care less about their future. But those who do will find their breaks. And this might just be yours.

In the words of the legendary Steve Jobs,

“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

The moments that change your life don’t often seem tat way when you first discover them. When you first landed on this page, it meant nothing to you.

But… It May Just Be The
Defining Moment In Your Life

And I’ve proved that time and time again. I’ve taken student after student, some of whom were dead broke, and turned them into self made multimillionaires. Many more of my students aren’t there yet, but they’re well on their way… and will be in the coming years -- even as other people around them struggle.

Why Can They Make Such Drastic Changes In Their Financial Life?

Simple: it comes down to what they know.

You see, when I first discovered these secrets, everything changed. Money was no longer something I had to be frugal about. It was now easy to come by money -- hordes of money. I no longer had to worry about what the bill looked like when I went out to dinner. I no longer had to worry about rent or the car payment. I no longer had to worry if I could one day retire. And that’s all thanks to the secrets I learned from hushed conversations in Wall Street’s back rooms years ago.

You Can See Why I’m So Passionate About These Secrets...

And why I’d like you to become another one of my success stories. I invite you to make today the defining moment in your life, like it’s been for so many students of mine. Click the “Get Jason Bond’s Ultimate Strategy Course” button below.

Within minutes, you’ll have access to the course I’ve scrutinized over for months.
Within days, you’ll know more than people who pay tens of thousands of dollars for a degree in finance.
Within weeks, you’ll be having your own big wins on your trades seemingly on a daily basis.

Within months, your 9-5 will seem like a distant memory.
You’ll finally see what living life on your own terms truly means.

I want YOU to experience this.

It IS possible, I’ve helped guide hundreds of students down the same path.

If you’re willing to do your part and work hard to study, I’m willing to give it my all to help you succeed.

Get started by clicking the “Get Jason Bond’s Ultimate Strategy Course” button below!

To your prosperity,

Jason Bond

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