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The guests I’ve spoken with on WealthWise started laying down the foundation for their wealth before they even knew what they were doing.

Each started in small ways, a little here, and a little there. But gradually, each one built their fortune.

And it was the entrepreneurial mindset that led them on that path. And that same path of starting up a small business and side hustle holds the key to bring in income in all kinds of cool and interesting ways.

Take Kyle Dennis, for example. At college, he made a side business by figuring out how to fix the iPod screens of friends and fellow students, for which he charged $50

Erin Lowry’s interview starts with her childhood story of selling Krispy Kreme donuts at yard sales!

Author and renowned leadership consultant Cy Wakeman started earning her own money at a very early age. She’d clean the basement of a neighbor, do a paper route, tidy up, and other ways to make a few spare bucks here and there.

Alex Fang’s story of making a buck is hilarious! When he was just 14 he took his dad’s car while he was at work one day and started selling Kirby vacuum cleaners door to door.

He accomplished this by impersonating a much older man by putting on his dad’s khakis and one of his shirts!

RagingBull.com CEO Jeff Bishop began his entrepreneurial journey at a young age and has always been able to turn his hand to business, which he credits to his mom, she was entrepreneurial with crafts or cards, or quilting.

He attended craft fairs with her where they started selling knick-knacks to little shops in the area where they lived.

He then had a landscape business, and he put back profits into the business from his first jobs to help buy equipment and was able to build a decent business doing that for a few years.

He bought and sold cars, had a bagel shop, did roofing, and loved being an entrepreneur. Jeff shares the full story of his entrepreneurial path in our interview.

Applying the mindset of an entrepreneur you’re providing a solution to someone else’s problem.

Whether that is tidying a basement, cleaning a room, selling food, mowing a lawn, providing training (showing a senior how to use an email program for example), going shopping, providing tuition or help in an area you are expert in, etc.

In fact, any skill that you – or your children – have can be a way to help someone and get rewarded for it.

There are always ways to bring in additional income. Check out more inspiring stories of building wealth on the WealthWise podcast,


Ben Sturgill

Ben Sturgill

Ben leads two services at RagingBull. IPO Payday can help you pinpoint, position, and profit from IPOs. In Daily Profit Machine Ben guides day and swing traders to profit by trading the SPY Index. Ben hosts the RagingBull.com podcast where he shares thoughts on wealth and success with traders, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and experts to uncover and share some of the wisdom needed to live a successful life.

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