Listeners often wonder what’s on our trader’s minds when they’re analyzing the markets.

RagingBull Elite chat room host Hitha Herzog asked a question about COVID-19, “What will the economic recovery look like?”

To help answer that question she brought in Lending Tree’s Chief Economist Tendayi Kapfidze, who shared his thoughts on COVID-19, housing, and what economic recovery will look like.

Here’s some of the topics discussed:

  • Why this may be one of the best times – EVER! – to refinance a mortgage because rates are so low
  • What “infection avoidance actions” people have taken and why they may be seeing a behavioral shift that lingers for a long time.
  • How long it may take for the global economy to recover
  • Why Q3 in 2020 may be a positive quarter for growth—but heed Tendayi’s warnings!
  • The slowdown in housing sales with sellers pulling their homes off the market due to health concerns
  • What lenders are going to consider “creditworthy” in future
  • The permanent damage to the psyche of consumers and the economy as a whole

Listen as Tendayi Kapfidze shares his perspective on what the economic recovery will look like.


Author: Ben Sturgill

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