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Last week I caught up with Dave Lukas who in a few minutes…

Was able to articulate the big picture of why it’s really debt (not money) which makes the world go around.


More from Dave in a moment.

But first, let’s talk about the Fed…

They’re stuck in a fiscal stew…throwing every ingredient in the pot…in hopes of not repeating a 2008-like financial crisis. 

And how about our top officials?

It’s an election year… they can’t allow the markets to crash….

All despite, every economic indicator telling us that things are bad… 

And the debt river is flowing…


Perfect Sh*t Storm? Sure… I’ll Trade That!


You’ve heard about the data…  (25.5 million people unemployed in the course of a month!) clearly pointing to a wretched slowdown in the economy. 

Mix in the Fed’s involvement from Jerome “Deep Pockets” Powell, doing everything within his powers to keep the boat afloat. 

And you get a massive push and pull of a market that wants to head one way but is being shoved and cajoled around and “buoyed up”.

All of this causes massive swings in volatility, which in turn creates perfect trading opportunities.

All of my colleagues at Raging Bull are finding trade setups… despite the significant disconnect from the economy and stock market.

In our Elite chat room last week, host Hitha Herzog caught up with RagingBull trader Dave Lukas, who dived deeper and shared his thoughts on:

  • How 25.5 million people are unemployed in the course of a month, and how the market already priced it in!
  • How can the Fed and Treasury conjure up trillion dollars out of thin air without raising taxes? Dave explains this process in great detail.
  • Why interest rates are relatively low, which is helping keep the credit crunch in check.
  • Why Dave highly recommends watching this video

Hear more from Dave… it’s a fascinating insight into what on earth is going on out there! Wrap up… it’s stormy!



Author: Ben Sturgill

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