Jeff Bishop, Jason Bond, Kyle Dennis, and Nathan Bear all share a common trait amongst each other.

They all pushed through adversity, either in trading itself (they’ve all had their asses well-and-truly-kicked in the markets)—and persisted until they succeeded.

  • Jeff Bishop, for example, was fired over 15 times when working for other people, including being fired once for trading options at work! “Turns out, I‘m not a very good employee,” remarked Jeff.
  • Nate Bear “learned to thrive with my back against the wall”. Nate’s story – and it really is a good story – will have you biting your nails as you share his journey of perseverance that takes us from rags to riches… to rags to riches… to rags… over almost 8 years of trying, failing, and trying again until he finally discovering a formula that would free him from the 9-5 grind and help him build s better life for his family.
  • By now almost everyone knows the story of Kyle Dennis, who made over $7 Million in the stock market by the age of 28 years and learned to trade stocks in his spare time. But you may not have heard of the difficulties Kyle experienced and the feelings of wanting to give up while he was learning how to trade. Take for example the day where he lost $50,000 and wanted to throw up!
  • Jason Bond started trading while he was $250,000 in debt. It took him 10 years in total to become the trader he is today and he managed to dig himself out of that massive debt hole from a significant negative net worth to become financially wealthy and free of debt. Today Jason not only has no debt, but he also has no credit either and pays for everything in cash!

The four now-millionaire traders all followed a frequently bumpy path to become successful traders. All four of them stuck with it and persisted to find consistent profits in their trading.

Trading can be tough, no doubt.

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Ben Sturgill

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