Every time I interview Jeff Bishop, it’s like listening to the very pulse of the markets his insights are like a sixth sense.

I caught up with Jeff this week after we saw the S&P make about a 20% move off the bottom; a move Jeff commented, “Shouldn’t happen that violently, that fast!”

Jeff cautioned that he does not think that the recent recovery is a sign that the bear market is over or that it in some way portends a green light for a full recovery from here. 

He shared his current Death Line levels for the market that he sees as tests for whether the market will then bounce off those… or again plummet further.

As a trader during the 2000 and 2008 crashes, Jeff’s been around the trading block a few times. 

He remembers being at times too cautious, too wary after those crashes and  “not putting enough money to work” to benefit from the subsequent recoveries. He also remembers taking off his gains too early when recovery did occur.

Jeff is now taking the opportunity to buy solid companies at a good price that he considered was just too expensive at the top of the most recent bull market.

Jeff shared:


  • …and a lot more.


Jeff also shared his thoughts about the one thing that everyone’s trying to predict… 

The Bottom

Are we nearly there? Can Jeff guess the bottom? 

And finally, Jeff opened up about where he is putting his own family’s money to target big longer-term or “generational wealth”.

Join me as Jeff provides a little light at the end of the tunnel!

Author: Ben Sturgill

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