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Kyle Dennis is Wiping the Slate Clean! Learn How He Plans to Turn $25,000 Into $1,000,000!!

Kyle turned a very small account, $15,253, into OVER $3,000,000. Now he’s wiping the slate clean so you can learn how to build a small account big. Come learn 3 SECRETS he’ll use to turn $25,000 into $1,000,000 starting in October.

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Webinar Date: Sep 20th - 8:00 PM EST


Kyle Dennis

My name is Kyle Dennis, I’m only 27 years old, but as you’ll learn in my training, I’m exponentially more qualified to teach you how to trade biotech stocks than anyone else you’ll ever meet thanks to my trifold education in biotech, finance, and technical charting. I’ll let my consistent results serve as evidence…

There is a toxic, wide-held belief regarding what profit opportunities are ‘realistic’… DO NOT believe the masses. There ARE secrets to trading in niches that generate astounding returns while still managing risk carefully… I’m the master of the biotech niche… and I’m on year 5 of unrealistic profits.



“Will buy back on a dip, but $CYTX +5.5% and $VKTX +6% thanks @kylewdennis Less than a week hold on both.”

MT Risner

“@kylewdennis @KeithKernBTB 5k $LUNA In at 1.54, out at 1.63 +$450 Took my family hiking. Your teaching me how to change my life! Thank you!!”


“Up 1,600 so far, small wins on $CBLI and $NADL, sold some $INFI for 1,300 so far from @kylewdennis watchlist. I’m off to the boat!”


“A quick +$355 for me on $AGEN this AM. Great call by @kylewdennis and @stt2318 and #LightningAlerts @RagingBull”

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