Hey guys and gals,

With the retail traders piling into the market…

There are some pretty wild bets being placed…

Especially in the options market.

To me, a lot of these trades are sucker bets.


Well, there are newbies out there who just don’t weigh the odds of something happening…

Which signals to me there are a lot of “gamble” trades being thrown down.

Now, there is actually a risk-defined way to take advantage of these trades.

Today, I want to reveal to you one strategy and stock I want to use this strategy on.


How To Take Advantage Of The Suckers Bets


In this market environment, I try my best to stack the odds in my favor with short vertical spreads.

Think about it like this…

If you take a sports bet with one of your friends, and he’s willing to give you $100 right now if his team wins the championship (whenever sports open back up).

However, his team is ranked last in the division… and it’s a long shot they’ll win…

But if they do, you’ll have to for over $150 to your friend.

Sounds like a suckers bet right?

That’s just betting on a hope…

Not calculated at all.

The thing is, there are bets similar to that in the market right now.

You see, traders are betting stocks will have massive moves in just a matter of days…

But for the experienced traders… they know these are long-shot bets.

For example, one trade I’m eyeing right now is NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA).


Source: Finviz


Some traders may be thinking… “Well, NVDA has come a long way from March lows… I think it has a pullback soon.”

To establish that bearish opinion, these traders may look to buy out of the money puts.

I mean take a look at some of the options prices on NVDA puts expiring next week (on the right-hand side of the image below), when the stock was trading near $370.

The $350 strike price puts were $4.05 bid X $4.25 ask.

That means NVDA would need to drop below $347 just for whoever is buying those options to break even…

In other words, they would need the stock to move nearly 10% lower just to not lose money.

Of course, there are ways to take advantage of these bets… in a risk-defined way…

Which I detail in my eBook, Wall Street Bookie.

In an attempt to try to help as many people out as possible…

We’re representing this strategy…



If you want to learn how I take advantage of these sucker bets, grab a complimentary e-copy here…


Source: Nasdaq



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