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What’s This Secret I’m Hearing About?

Everyone loves the underdog, right? I mean, who doesn’t love a story about someone who has built an empire from nothing, as opposed to a trust-fund baby who was handed everything and spends their time making stupid Tik-Tok videos? Well, that’s why so many folks...

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Getting Ready To Do It All Over Again

I’m about to reveal a portion of my most secretive watchlist for next week! But before I do so, I need you to picture this scenario:  It’s Thursday afternoon, the day before the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases monthly data on the number of unemployed Americans....

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The Professor’s Bitcoin Trade!!!

We've seen an epic bounce in the market post the Fed meeting, and since then, it's been Risk-On. MEME stocks are back; you can read about my trade on GME HERE if you missed it; low float stocks are back, we're seeing many 50% plus movers in the junk stock space,...

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