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Jason Bond Picks

Why I LOVE Using Bollinger Bands

Hello traders and welcome to another lesson on one of my favorite indicators to use when looking for potential entry and exits; Bollinger Bands. Jeff Williams here and today I spotted one of the biggest movers on all of Wall Street, ENJY. Not only was this one of...

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Shorting Bitcoin!!!

Last week I was pretty bearish about Bitcoin. Everything speculative has been getting the kibosh, and the market has been in freefall with the occasional bounce. In a bear market, I like to short rallies expecting the downtrend to continue. Instead of shorting...

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Interview With A Master Trader

Recently an up-and-coming developing trader d-m'd me with some questions about my own trading journey and what I've seen over the years. I’m always happy to answer any questions developing traders may have, we were all noobs once!  I touch on the state of the...

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