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This Week’s Going To Be EPIC

This is one of the filthiest, nastiest markets I’ve seen in a long time, AND I LOVE IT! My Bullseye Trade idea from this past week was yet ANOTHER opportunity for me to help members manage a trade that moved in the desired direction. As you can see, my members are...

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You’re Invited To The Gun Range With Me

Why do SOOOO many traders think they can pick tops and bottoms? Sure, you’re going to get lucky trading like this every once in a while… But trust me when I tell you that this is not a strategy where the odds favor you being able to win with any consistency. If...

Jeff in the City
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Calm Before the Next Storm

Man, these past few weeks have been CRAZY eventful. That’s me in my pro basketball days, by the way. 🙂 In case you have not learned by now, Jay Ca-Pow and his Fed henchmen operate on a cycle where they make their rounds giving speeches about their LATEST views on...

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Aaron Judge Did What?

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge is chasing home run history this season.  He’s having one of the most historic seasons in MLB history as he strives to break Roger Maris’ American League regular-season record of 61. He’s just two away from tying, and many...

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[EXPOSED] Are you being lied to?

Look at what someone sent me! Wall Street is rigged! It’s time to fight back with WALL ST BOOKIE. Read this, print it, and put it on your desk as a harsh reminder that the game is rigged against you → UNLESS you take action.  Let’s begin.  As you probably already...

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I’m Bearish GM and the Automakers!!!

I'm Bearish this market. So many companies are coming out and giving weak guidance, disappointing the street. A few days ago it was Fedex(FDX), last night, it was Ford (F). I see a trend forming, and it's not good! My High Octane Scanner gave a bearish signal in GM...

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