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My Trick to Finding A Move Like TWTR’s

What’s goin’ on everybody? If you want to grow your small account… you had better be prepared to capitalize on big rallies like we’re seeing this week! As you may have heard, the S&P 500 witnessed its first 1-day move of > +3% since 6/14 on Tuesday. And...

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I Trade With My Boots On

By now, I think it is safe to say that many of the retail traders who entered the market during the Fed-induced stock market bubble of 2021 have come to learn that being able to make it on their own in this business is going to take time.  Look, I have been doing...

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I Am Frightened

Here’s a little secret about myself that I don’t think I’ve shared before. When I was a kid, I absolutely HATED to go to bed while the grownups were still up having fun. I would go absolutely bonkers trying to sell my case for why I deserved to stay awake and have...

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