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It’s Coming! Are You Ready?

Are you at the point in your trading where you can anticipate what the market is going to do next? Don’t feel bad…no one can predict the market with 100% certainty. And if anyone you’re following on social media claims…
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Want To See How I Was In-And-Out Of This Trade In 37.6 minutes For Just $0.81?

50% in 37.6 minutes! That’s how much I personally traded my Bullseye Trade of the week for this week! And that’s why I love Mondays!!! As a trader, you should strive to get to the point where you love Mondays…
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We’re Back Bullish The Market!!!

It’s been rough sailing the last couple of weeks in the market. With high inflation and higher interest rates, the past couple of months has been a disaster for a lot of investors and traders.  Understanding the market environment, I’ve…
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