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This Bullseye Trade Idea is Setting Up Nicely!!!!

The market continues to grind higher, and with this stability, it is giving some investors more confidence to get back in. Last week my Bullseye Trade idea of the week was sports related. It’s already up over 100% in a…
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Cramer’s Been Cut! The Financial Times Leads Two Rounds To None.

No one can ever blame RagingBull for being late to the party. No, I am not talking about the fact that our gurus’ premium scanners are customized to see big moves setting up before they happen. I’m talking about the…
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Jeff’s Big TSLA Trade Is Ready!

One of the things I LOVE about what I do for a living is that there’s never a dull day. In markets, something new is always around the corner to peak our interest and get our trading juices flowing. I…
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