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I’m in this PUMP. Bullish Oil !!

The market is showing signs of life again, the Professor and I were bullish last week and made some really great trades, you can read about that more here and here. Coming into this week, I think we’ll have another…
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Good Luck Finding Instant Gappers Like This On Your Own

Some of the best bullish trade setups include four key catalysts: Large short positions Strong positive momentum An impending technical breakout Unusual call option buying And that’s exactly what I delivered to members of my Dollar Ace service with my…
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Up 4 days in a Row- The Professor’s Pick !!!

Last week we started to see some signs of life back in the market. On Friday, my Bullish put spread in the QQQ’s expired worthless, and I was able to pocket  $2,100 on the trade (50 contracts times $0.42). You…
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