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Bloomberg Confirms This Is Passing You By

What’s goin’ on everybody? You know that popular saying, “Eat what you like, as long as it’s in moderation” that the health experts are always blabbering about?  Well, the same can be said about trading short-dated options. Friends, short-dated options…
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U.S dollar weakens, how I’m playing it

How much thought do you give to watching interest and currency rates when it comes to your trading? Most people would just shrug their shoulders and say, “Not much!” 🤷 These are two key things that are very important right…
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The Science Behind Trading Stagflation, The Setup Is Clear For META & NVDA

This week, I’ll be covering: The Science Behind Trading Stagflation SE – From 0.45 To 0.95 IN JUST 1 HOUR! RBLX – From 0.57 to 0.93, IN JUST 3 HOURS! META & NVDA: The Setup Is Clear If you have…
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