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Will TWTR Q2 Report Make it Or Break it?

It’s safe to say we all know pretty well what Twitter (TWTR) is. And while most people associate it with funny tweets in their feed, those of us who trade are excited about it for entirely different reasons. See, Twitter…
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Fading Overwhelming Market Sentiment in Roblox

Trading is a very competitive business. There are so many different types of market participants; pension funds, institutional investors, momentum funds, hedge funds, algorithmic traders, day traders, prop traders, and retail traders are all competing against each other to succeed.…
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How To Use Market Breadth To Improve Trading Skills

It might seem obvious, but the stock market is a market of stocks, DUH! But when we constantly hear about stocks like AAPL and TSLA we might forget that there is an ocean of publicly traded companies, and some are…
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