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You Could Be In For A Summer Of Pain, If You Don’t Have “The Fix.”

Ever hear of a little asset manager called Guggenheim Investments? Well, considering that they have $252B under management, it’s probably worth mentioning when headlines like this emerge from their Global Chief Investment Officer:  A ‘summer of pain’? The Nasdaq Composite…
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Another Bullseye Pick Hits The Target!!

This week we got the market bounce I was looking for, and my Bullseye picks from the last two weeks hit their targets! Here’s the outcome: Every Monday morning, I send out my best trade idea for the week before…
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American Dream? The Feds would call it Insider Trading

Love can make people do the stupidest things…. Just like greed…. Today we have now a former CFO that has done went and royal fudged up. A move that had the SEC riding up swords drawn ready to slay the…
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