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I Managed To Entice This Stauch Investor With My “Junk Food” Trades

What’s happenin’ everyone? I hope you’ve been having a great summer so far. Now, if you weren’t already aware, I love a good roller coaster! Man, I just can’t get enough of them! Every once in a while, however, I…
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Why laser-focus is what you need right now

I don’t know where the market is headed. Up? Down? Sideways? I don’t even have a feel for it right now. And I think most traders are in the same boat. It’s just how things have been going – volatility…
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Shorting Bitcoin!!!

Last week I was pretty bearish about Bitcoin. Everything speculative has been getting the kibosh, and the market has been in freefall with the occasional bounce. In a bear market, I like to short rallies expecting the downtrend to continue.…
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