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Good Luck Canceling Netflix! I Bet You Won’t!

I bet you’ve tried canceling Netflix (NFLX) haven’t you? Well, you probably came crawling back! NFLX is a beaten-down stock, but they have an upcoming catalyst, and that is in November, they’re expected to launch a cheaper ad-supported service. The…
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Tesla Stock Crashes! I Told You I Didn’t Trust Elon!

I told you 2 weeks ago I didn’t trust Elon. Well, the market finally agrees! TSLA is down over 8% today and down over 20% since I told you I couldn’t trust the guy! You can read about it AGAIN…
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AAPL & VIX On The Brink? Lehman Brothers Part II?

Happy Monday Full Scope Trader! The credit markets are angry, and spreads are widening…and that’s NOT GOOD. A credit spread is the difference in yield between two debt securities of the same maturity but different credit quality. When the spread…
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