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I Have Never Been So Certain Of Anything As I Am Of This!

What’s happenin’ friends? I am not a confrontational man, no. But I am intensely competitive!  That’s why I’ve got a fire in my belly for what I am about to share with you. But before I continue, tell me something…
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FaceBook (META) Brings NFTs to Instagram With THIS Crypto! Are Privacy Coins Expecting a Surge?

It’s always exciting on the blockchain, and this week- Facebook Meta has partnered with one Digital Assets that is going under everyone’s radar-, and privacy coins are getting a surge of attention, Thanks to the Treasury Department. NFTs coming to…
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Trump Gets Raided by FBI!!! What YOU NEED TO KNOW!

The big news overnight was that federal investigators raided Donald Trump’s Florida residence Mar-a-Lago. The search is an escalation of the Justice Department’s investigation into Mr. Trump’s last days in office and is expected to ripple through the run-up to…
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