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Boardroom Investing

Extra Accredit

  👨‍💻 Boardroom Meetup TODAY @ 2 pm ET HERE! The Morning Meeting 👋 Hey Boardroom Members, Starting Off: One of the most exciting aspects of investing in startups is the thrill of being there at the beginning of a new project that may result in some fruitful...

RagingBull Investor

XEL: An oasis in a sea of chaos?

Are you getting tired of hearing about the chaos of the markets yet? I know I am. Of course, whether we’re tired of it or not, it’s reality, and it’s going to be here for a while. That’s why I’m such a fan of what Ben Sturgill is doing. He’s not sitting around...

Boardroom InvestingEditorial

Show me the Money, Jerry

🎥 The Morning Meeting Video 👋 Hey Boardroom Members, Where Does an Entrepreneur  Start? “Where to find capital?” is one of the many questions that can weigh heavily on entrepreneurs’ minds as they are getting new business ventures off the ground. Honestly- 30 mins...

Total Alpha

Another Chance To Buy The F’n Dip!

I called the short-term bottom LIVE to subscribers and made some really great trades; you can read more about that Here and Here. After Inflation started to hit Walmart's (WMT) bottom line, the market sold off again, heavily. I believe this is another great chance...

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