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This gets me up each morning

What’s the reason you wake up and trade each day?  Having a reason to get up and get after it helps keep me focused on the task at hand and often helps me from taking monster losses. Each day, I tell myself, I want to keep as much money as I can to help my family!...

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Bright Idea

I am going to keep today’s alert short and sweet. I want to introduce you to BIMI International (BIMI)  Sometimes, I think a stock is worth looking at because of some news the market has missed, a fundamental story that isn’t getting enough attention, or maybe I think...

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Discover the Power of Options Trading

In case you don’t know me, I’m Jeff Williams.  I’d like to share my story about what drove me to become a stock market educator.   I got started in the stock market at a young age. My parents always taught me to invest some of my paycheck into a retirement fund, even...

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