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3 Small Cap Momentum Names I Like

Happy Monday Everyone! The so-called Meme stocks – with AMC and GME being two absolute superstars – gave incredible opportunities both ways… Then there was the small cap action: MEDS, LEDS, AMST are just a few out of many! I…
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3 Tips to Improve Your Risk Management

The market’s been hot, right? Perhaps, the hottest! Look at this stuff – meme stocks have gone through the roof about 10 times over! AMC, GME, CLOV, BBBY, MEDS… YOU NAME IT! Trading is so easy, right? You just buy…
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Overcoming FOMO In Meme Stocks

One question I get asked a lot goes something like: Have you ever missed an entry or a trade altogether…then only to see that stock surge higher…higher…and higher. I hear you, it’s hard not to think that with all these…
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The Hottest Trading Ideas