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Cramer’s Been Cut! The Financial Times Leads Two Rounds To None.

No one can ever blame RagingBull for being late to the party. No, I am not talking about the fact that our gurus’ premium scanners are customized to see big moves setting up before they happen. I’m talking about the…
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Watch And Learn

I hope you’re not someone I am about to describe, but here goes… I can’t tell you how many great people I’ve met at RagingBull events and with whom I’ve converced via email and instant messenger over the years that…
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The Professor’s MACD Scanner Goes BOOM in OHI!!!!

The Professor has been in this game a long time, over 20 years in fact, and he’s seen it all. That’s why he’s the Senior Training Specialist at Total Alpha. His bread and butter trade setup is the MACD BOOM,…
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