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The Big Boys are in Agreement on This Bullish Idea

Now, I know that 2021 was the year of the retail investor, as this group of small traders joined forces to topple large hedge fund players by forcing massive short squeezes in stocks like AMC and GME. As a former…
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🚀 FB- How to trade a stock that goes sideways!

Trading momentum is a great strategy in a bull market when stocks continue higher and higher. Tesla (TSLA) is a great example of this when it is ripping the faces off short-sellers.  But what do you do when stocks begin…
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🧭 SPY Daily: One Rule For Avoiding One Newbie Mistake

From time to time, markets open nice and green, and everyone is thrilled for a bright day ahead. Then, markets come crashing down, and people panic. A benefit of reading SPY Daily is that you know there’s no need to…
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