Accessibility Policy

Last Updated: February 10, 2022

RagingBull.com, LLC (“RagingBull”) is committed to maintaining accessibility on its Website and other technology platforms for all of its customers. RagingBull strives to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act Title III (“ADA”) and WCAG 2.0 requirements to improve overall customer experience in a sustainable manner.



RagingBull works with web accessibility specialist tools to assist RagingBull and its Informational Technology (“IT”) team in maintaining the accessibility of its Website. The following departments are responsible for execution of the ADA policy as related to their area of the business:

RagingBull IT team is responsible for assessing, monitoring and and maintaining the functional accessibility of the RagingBull Website.

RagingBull Customer Support team is responsible for maintaining a customer support line that assists RagingBull customers with disabilities, as well as both a customer support line and email address where customers with disabilities can report accessibility issues or otherwise provide feedback regarding the accessibility the RagingBull Website. Please report any accessibility issues with the RagingBull Website to (800) 380-7072 or send an email to support@ragingbull.com. RagingBull will document, consider, and, where appropriate, address accessibility issues submitted through the customer support line or email address.

RagingBull Legal team is responsible for processing ADA-related complaints and providing guidance to the IT and Customer Support teams and business when appropriate



The RagingBull team will assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the program on an ongoing basis. The RagingBull team will also ensure a systematic and sustainable approach is taken in any remediation efforts.

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