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I Warned You I was Bearish GM and The Automakers, They’ve Tanked!!!!

I warned you I was bearish about the automakers 3 days ago. YOU CAN READ MY ANALYSIS  FROM Tuesday HERE.  My High Octane Scanner gave a short signal the day after Ford announced that it had increased supplier costs and…
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You’re Invited To The Gun Range With Me

Why do SOOOO many traders think they can pick tops and bottoms? Sure, you’re going to get lucky trading like this every once in a while… But trust me when I tell you that this is not a strategy where…
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Calm Before the Next Storm

Man, these past few weeks have been CRAZY eventful. That’s me in my pro basketball days, by the way. 🙂 In case you have not learned by now, Jay Ca-Pow and his Fed henchmen operate on a cycle where they…
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