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Trading penny stocks is a lot of fun but also dangerous, like any form of trading. Here’s 25 key terms we use in the Weekly Watchlist and Lightning Alerts to help you understand our daily conversations and trade ideas.  Day Trading  It's when stock traders buy and...

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12 penny stocks & my Cyber Monday sale

The small-cap market (IWM) continues to trend nicely and has range to $193 before we find out if this bear market is truly going to pivot to a bull market soon. I’m very optimistic 2023 will be excellent for small-caps and I’m not the only one. We’ve seen the media...



Is GOOGL on its way to being broken up, and will this result in Nancy Pelosi’s undoing?   Let’s dig in. To begin with, I can tell you that it often does not end well for companies that are in the government’s crosshairs for using “monopolistic” tactics. Well, this is...

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Is Something Big About To Happen?

I am about to reveal that one of the most widely followed technical signals may be about to get triggered. But first, it’s critical you truly understand what this signal means. When it comes to trading, knowing how your indicators are actually constructed is...

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7 hot small-caps & a new Hidden Gem

Hi guys and gals. If you’d like to invite friends and family to join us, feel free to forward this email. I appreciate your help building our community.   So now that the Buffalo Bills have lost (crying), I’m no longer focused 100% on small-caps, but...

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There’s a New Villain on My Hit List!

Happy Friday! I am about to dispel the myth that all sequels never surpass the original.  Spoiler alert: I’ve just made trading better for everyone! Let’s start with the most obvious canvas for this experiment, which is Hollywood.  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a...

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