[EXPOSED] Are you being lied to?

Look at what someone sent me! Wall Street is rigged! It’s time to fight back with WALL ST BOOKIE. Read this, print it, and put it on your desk as a harsh reminder that the game is rigged against you → UNLESS you take action.  Let’s begin.  As you probably already...

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Why I LOVE Using Bollinger Bands

Hello traders and welcome to another lesson on one of my favorite indicators to use when looking for potential entry and exits; Bollinger Bands. Jeff Williams here and today I spotted one of the biggest movers on all of Wall Street, ENJY. Not only was this one of...


12 penny stocks & my Cyber Monday sale

The small-cap market (IWM) continues to trend nicely and has range to $193 before we find out if this bear market is truly going to pivot to a bull market soon. I’m very optimistic 2023 will be excellent for small-caps and I’m not the only one. We’ve seen the media...

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If the VIX Doesn’t Hold Support, Look Out!

Welcome to Monday, Full Scope Trader! This week, I’ll be covering: The “Militia” is Your Only Chance ROKU: 0.14 to 0.30 IN JUST 10 MINUTES If the VIX Doesn’t Hold Support, Lookout!  People who know me know that I am a man of faith. One of THE most important tenets of...

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