Can I be honest with you for a sec?

I want to be honest (and share something) with you…so hang tight. As you’ve probably noticed, there’s a ton — a whole lot — of misinformation out there. Pump and dump schemes? Yes. YouTube experts that talk BS. Check. “Furus” that don’t trade with real money, yet...


The momentum behind CF and NTR

As you should know, I am all about momentum. In my Total Alpha trades, I want to see stocks that are on their way up already – with great fundamentals behind them. That’s when I prefer to make my move. Last week, Mike Parks (“The Professor”) pinpointed a pair of...

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My New Scanner Is Working Wonders!

It is imperative to have the latest and greatest technology to stay ahead of the curve and have the edge over the competition. I’ve been working with my programmers here at Raging Bull to develop a new and improved scanner for my strategies, and it’s...

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