Is this stock in “launch mode”?

I love it when patterns line up. Sometimes, you look at a chart and all the signs are there - a stock could be in “launch mode”. And that means it’s time to keep your eyes open! Now, look, just because things line up nicely on a chart doesn’t necessarily mean that...

rocket launch

The Professor’s Housing Pick Rockets

On April 29, 2022, The Professor got Bearish the housing sector. He sent out his trade Idea to subscribers near the close of the session. On May 2nd I gave the pick out to readers of this blog, well since then, the market has been in the mud and the Professor's...

Stacks of coins trending up next to a house


Show me the Money, Jerry

🎥 The Morning Meeting Video 👋 Hey Boardroom Members, Where Does an Entrepreneur  Start? “Where to find capital?” is one of the many questions that can weigh heavily on entrepreneurs’ minds as they are getting new business ventures off the ground. Honestly- 30 mins ago...

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