RagingBull.com Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a recent performance history for the traders?

Some of our traders keep a history of past trades. Most times this is shared with Mentor Clients. It’s best to ask the Trader in the chatrooms if you desire to retrieve this past trade history. If you are not currently in a chatroom-related service, give our VIP Trading team a call at (888) 633-6104 to get connected. Please note, not all services offer a past trade history.

Where are the training videos/DVDs?
All training videos and DVD’s are streamed online. While we don’t have hard copies, they can be found in the Dashboard on your Member site.

What is included with a subscription to my service?
  • To find out what is included in your subscription- Please visit the RagingBull Dashboard. App.RagingBull.com
  • Select subscription
  • A description will be displayed in the current text box desired for that service.
Do I get any credit for my previous purchase?

We are glad to work something out for you. Give our VIP Trading Service team a call at (888) 633-6104 to get a quote.

Why am I not receiving text/email alerts?
  • Please visit the RagingBull Dashboard. App.RagingBull.com
  • Scroll down to SMS Subscriptions
  • Click on necessary toggles to subscribe to the SMS alerts you want to receive (please note not all options in this illustration may not be included on your profile)
Block or error: I changed the toggles and I’m still not receiving my text alerts
  • If your subscription is to Jason Bond Picks, Weekly Money Multiplier, Petra Hess Picks, Millionaire Roadmap or Kyle Dennis subscriber, text the word “help” to 70000 (four zeros).
  • If you are a Penny Pro, Daily Profit Machine or The Traders Council subscriber, text the word “help” to 95577.
  • If you live in Canada and want to remove the block – please text “help” to 76000.
How do I cancel my auto-renew service with RagingBull?
  • To cancel any service with RagingBull.com, Please log into the dashboard site here: App.RagingBull.com
  • Your current subscription information will populate:
  • To cancel the auto-renew, click on “cancel” on the upper right-hand side of subscription – You will retain your current membership till its expiration date.
Do you record your webinars?

Yes, some webinars are recorded, but not all. Its best to attend the events live if possible. If a recording is made available, it will be emailed to those who signed up 2-3 business days after the event. Make sure to sign up even if you cannot attend live!

Should I buy or sell a stock?
While it may be easy to mirror us, our service will never tell you to buy or sell a particular stock. That is left to licensed brokers. Our trader alerts our members to the actual trades they are making in as near real-time as possible considering it takes a few minutes to send out emails to thousands of people. The purpose of our service is to watch our professional traders execute real money trades during the week and learn from them in doing so. If a member chooses to “mirror” that trade they do so at their own risk.
Do you have a money back guarantee?
No. We ask that you enter and exit the trade at your own risk. You should understand the risks involved with investing in stocks and take appropriate action to mitigate those risks, the stock market has no guarantees.
Do traders provide 1 on 1 training?
We do offer 1 on 1 mentoring with our RagingBull Elite, Millionaire Roadmap, Petra Picks Platinum, Traders Council and Nucleus programs. Our other services may not provide 1 on 1 mentoring but we do take a personal approach to tailor bite-size video lessons for ease of learning. We also have a great support staff that is on standby during market hours to answer questions.
How do I access the Chat Rooms?
Please note, not all services include chat access. Chat is only included in the following subscriptions: RagingBull Elite, Millionaire Roadmap, PetraPicks Platinum, Traders Council, Biotech Nucleus.

If you wish to join one of those services at the best price possible, give our VIP Trading Service team a call at (888) 633-6104.

If you do have one of those services….

First, check these 3 things:

  • Have you received and signed the contract for that membership? ( Yes / No ) (note from H for dev: Can we hyperlink “No” here so it can send the customer the correct contract they need to sign up for chat room access? Get with Hannah on this)
  • Are you on the correct website? https://app.ragingbull.com/member/login
  • Do you still have an active membership? (note from H for dev: when they click this line, scroll them down to #10E)
  • If not – Call our VIP Trading Service team at (833) 265-1270 to update your account information.

To directly access the chat room if all the above is correct:

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. Click Chat Room
  3. Access the correct member chat room
How do I join RagingBull Elite?
That’s a great question. Give our VIP Trading Service team a call at (888) 633-6104 and they will get you the best price possible!
When does my subscription renew/expire?
  • To review your renewal or expiration date with your RagingBull.com subscription, please log in to the dashboard site here: app.RagingBull.com
  • Your current subscription information will populate: (example below, your subscription name may be different)
  • Under the “Next Bill Date,” you will find the exact date your next renewal will occur. If you have previously cancelled, you will see that same area say “Expiry Date.” If you need assistance canceling, please check out our canceling directions or contact our VIP Trading Service team a call at (888) 633-6104 for more assistance.
How do I reset my password?

If you cannot login, you can reset your password for any RagingBull subscription – please go to https://app.ragingbull.com/member/password/reset and click “Lost Password?” to reset.

Why can I not access the site/login?
There could be multiple reasons, but the most popular reasons are the following.

  1. You have not purchased access to the site or your purchase failed. If that’s the case, reach out to (833) 265-1270 to get setup with a great price.
  2. Your username and/or password is incorrect. Follow the password reset link to get a new password.
  3. You are accessing the wrong site. Make sure you are visiting a site supported by your purchase.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, click here to contact our Support Team for answers.