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Now buckle up today, the markets are in for a rocky ride.  Today, it looks like bigger stocks are headed for a tumble.

This is why I like to stay very nimble in trading right now, and go aggressive on very short-term trades when I see them, then try to go back to as much cash as possible at night.

I am not holding a lot of swing trades for weeks at a time right now.

What is working best for me are what I call “tactical strikes,” like the $18,000+ I made on Coinbase (COIN) yesterday, as I detailed in last night’s email.

Of course, trading is hard, and that won’t always happen, but I think it shows what’s possible when you are really focused and land on the right idea.

Today, I think I have another great small-cap idea for you to look at.

It is an excellent setup that has been working several times in the last few weeks.

I’ll show you exactly what I am talking about when you pull up Indaptus Therapeutics, Inc. (INDP) on your platform right now.

The concept is simple: Wait for the stock to base for a few days, and then recover back above the 20-hour moving average (the yellow line in the chart below).

See how hourly reversals have been working like a charm lately for INDP?

This is something you should really be paying attention to right now.

These reversals have led to quick 20-30% moves (in both directions), as you can see above.

Yesterday, triggered the first signal that INDP was finding a new base as it began to trade back above the 20-hour line, and we also saw a “GO” signal fire.

The first level I want to point out is at $2 on the downside.  This is where the stock tested a low several times in early May.  If that breaks, I would say this play is over.

On the upside, you can see that $2.70 was where INDP stalled out on the last rally and $2.90 above that for the previous rally.

Those are likely to be resistance levels again, but if they are broken, it could lead to serious upside and act as possible new support.

I expect this to be a very active day for INDP, make sure you are watching it as early as possible.

When INDP starts to move higher, you can see that it can really jump quickly.

Get INDP on your list early, and keep a close eye on it all day.

As you dig into the fundamentals, I have put together some notes for you to get started with…

Indaptus Therapeutics, Inc. (INDP) is a clinical-stage, NYC-based biotech company dedicated to pioneering innovative cancer and viral infection treatments.

INDP began a Phase 1 clinical trial for its lead candidate, Decoy20, in December 2022, and the first patient dosing was in March 2023.

The company had been sitting on dozens of issued or granted patents based on tech developed by Indaptus Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Michael Newman, but it’s now fully off to the races.

I looked into Decoy20 and found it unusually interesting. It’s easy to see why investors see such promise in it.

Decoy20 was inspired by the observation that tumors sometimes regress in the presence of a bacterial infection. The theory is that the infection may activate the immune system in a way the cancer doesn’t.

But you obviously don’t want to infect cancer patients with bacteria that could cause them sustained sickness.

That’s where Decoy20 comes in.

It contains “proprietary, attenuated and killed non-pathogenic gram-negative bacteria that have demonstrated broad anti-tumor and anti-viral activity.”

In layman’s speak, Decoy20 is weakened bacteria that INDP believes will act as a “decoy” to activate broad anti-tumor responses from both the innate and adaptive immune systems.

The bacteria will then pass quickly from the system without making the patient too sick.

Here’s a really great video about how it all works.

To date — and it’s still in the early stages — the Phase 1 trial has borne out the company’s theories.

In November, the company released interim data from the first group of patients to receive Decoy20. According to a press release:

The interim data . . . demonstrated that as of August 31, 2023, each of the first cohort participants experienced transient activation of biomarkers associated with innate and/or adaptive immune responses, and generally expected transient adverse events, both associated with predicted rapid clearance of Decoy20.

That last part is important because the idea is for Decoy20 to be in and out — to cause a sustained immune response but not a sustained bacterial infection.

This lent weight to what had until then been just theory. The company presented the data to the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer. You can read more about that here.

In April, INDP presented positive “mechanism of action” data at the annual meeting of the prestigious American Association for Cancer Research.

Dr. Newman said that the new data are “consistent with our preclinical animal tumor model studies and provide evidence for our hypothesis that patented Decoy bacteria can activate a wide range of innate and adaptive human immune cells involved in fighting tumors.”

And just last week, INDP announced it had successfully dosed the first patient in the multi-dose portion of the Decoy20 trial.

If Decoy20 works the way the company thinks it will, it could be a game changer for a whole host of cancer treatments as well as viral infections.

Spend time right now doing your own research on the stock, and of course, always approach your trading in a responsible manner. Trading is very risky, and nothing is ever guaranteed, so never trade with more than you can afford to lose. Always have a well-thought-out game plan that takes your personal risk tolerance into consideration.

Bottom line: With the market looking very weak today, I am focusing all of my attention on small-cap plays.  INDP is one of the few that appears to be setting up with an excellent short-term pattern right now.

I will be watching INDP very closely today, and you should do the same!

To Your Success,

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