If you’re a parent, you know you need to wear many hats – perhaps the most important hat is that of a problem solver.

Training in problem solving has undoubtedly helped me become a better trader over my 20+ year career.

And one of the BIGGEST problems I learned to solve early on has been how NOT to stare at the screens all day.

I am a busy man, and I am sure you’ve got a lot going on, too.

That’s why I design every Bullseye Trade idea to have two CRITICAL components:

  1. A manageable trading plan with clearly defined stops and target levels that you can set into your trading platform at the start of every trading week.

  2. A trade idea that has been carefully selected for its strong potential to move BIG and move QUICKLY.

Folks, we are trading options here.

That means I have been able to gain THOUSANDS of students over the years because I provide weekly trade ideas with strong odds of fully utilizing volatility and option Greeks.

When I teach my Bullseye Trades students how to purchase call and put options, they leave with the knowledge of how important it is to find trades that harness current market conditions.

Just like this past week’s Bullseye Trade of the Week did.

These BILL June 16 2023 $105 calls settled right down into my initial buy zone and IMMEDIATELY took off!

Here’s how it all works each and every Monday morning (holiday schedule permitting) for my Bullseye Trades members:

It all starts with my weekly update on where I think the market is headed AND my BEST trade idea for the week, which members can access via the Member Dashboard, the RagingBull app, and instant email.

As I mentioned earlier, the trading plan comes with well-defined stops and targets, just like you see here from last week’s BANGER in BILL calls:

My Trade Details:

  • BILL June 16 2023 $105 call near $2.50

  • Stop: Close below $92

  • Target 1: $106

  • Target 2: $114

Then, soon after the market opens on Monday morning, members can get access to my Bullseye Live weekly training session, where I set aside time to walk through that week’s Bullseye Trade.

THIS is where I drill home the WHY and HOW of it all, which is something you are not going to get in great detail from those so-called “experts” on social media.

So what did I see on the chart of BILL last weekend that got me all excited about its potential to move far and fast?

Well, while everyone was still celebrating this nation’s brave men and women of our armed forces, I settled into my office a little early on Monday afternoon and saw the following setup on BILL’s chart.

  • First and foremost was the beautiful flag that had developed in recent weeks, following the giant gap up in early May. This was a KEY sign of strength as the stock held firm i n the healthy portion of my CUSTOM Keltner Band indicator.

  • But prior to this, you can see that I noticed the RSI momentum indicator, which also rotated into a bullish trend regime in early May, had just dipped down to its rising trend line prior to my trade alert.

  • And, you can also see that I noticed the On Balance Volume has been confirming the entire bullish rotation since the March lows.

Folks, my highest-conviction trade alerts are built on solid methods like this, so that they are easy for you to learn yourself.

I’m so thrilled at how this year’s Bullseye Trades have played out that I am opening the doors for you to view this year’s trade results right here, no strings attached.

I mean, prior to this week’s BILL rocket ship there was this big move in TSLA calls that I alerted members to:

And, as usual, it all started with this detailed trading plan…

This market is a trader’s dream right now, and because of this I’m offering new members a big discount off the list price of its top RagingBull service, Bullseye Trades, plus my risk-free promise:

If you would have read my big alert that I sent to members before the market opened this week, you would have had a chance to get in on this move.

Not only that, you would have had the opportunity to sit and learn as I taught members in REAL TIME how it all works.

Then, there’s the INVALUABLE lessons learned from my “THE LAUNCHPAD.”

On its own, “THE LAUNCHPAD” is a $199 VALUE (I’m granting access to the ENTIRE service for a lot less than that), WHICH COVERS TOPICS LIKE:

  • The Basics of Charts & Technical Analysis

  • ​Options Fundamentals

  • ​The Anatomy of Momentum Stock

  • ​Comparing Different Bullish Options Strategies

  • ​Trading Large Cap Stocks

And that’s just the start, as I am constantly adding to his Launchpad Training Video Series each week!

Folks, my Bullseye Trades community has enjoyed a TON of big movers this year.

But it’s not just the big moves that matter, it’s the deep knowledge they gain in learning how to use option Greeks and different market conditions to take advantage of option leverage vs. the underlying stock, just like this recent Bullseye Trades BANGER:

 What about the trades that didn’t work out?

Well, those might be the greatest success stories because of the hugely important trade management lessons I taught members about how to manage losing trades.

Yup, letting losers run is a huge psychological problem traders have.

But you can be absolutely certain that teaching traders how not to fall into this trap is one of the key items of Uncle Jeff’s curriculum.

Look, the insights, the training, the state of the art alert platform, the community of traders here to help you grow, and the important lessons learned in ever-changing market environments from a 20+ year trading veteran are the reasons Bullseye Trades is the greatest bargain in the financial industry in my opinion.

Heck, my members will tell you the same thing, because Bullseye Trades is raking in an incredible 4.8 / 5 stars on Trustpilot.

And it’s the reason why I’m offering this to new members today.

In order to be able to access my next best idea, which will be delivered before the market opens on Monday, you must join me here.

I am SUPER excited about this next idea folks, because it is in an industry that is about to get VERY active.

For a limited time, I am authorizing access to this industry-leading service for MORE THAN HALF OFF (a 63% discount to be exact) FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!

With the next inflation report (CPI) not too far away, I think next week’s new idea could be the perfect time to get into the trades I am eyeing.

Thousands of members are going to see it in their inbox first thing on Monday morning… and I don’t want you to miss out on another one!

>> Claim your HUGE DISCOUNT on Bullseye Trades NOW before it’s too late! <<

To YOUR success!


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