One of the reasons I started training investors over a decade ago was because there was (and still is!) a lack of transparency in trading education.

You either have someone who claims to be an expert at trading but never actually shows you his trades… or you have someone who only shows their successful trades but sweeps the rest under the rug. 🧹

Neither one of those helps YOU in your journey to become a better trader.

That is why Jason Bond, Jeff Williams, and I all strive to give our members the best trading education, along with live demonstrations of how to put this into practice with real-money trading on our own.

Let me tell you, being this transparent can be stressful at times!

Trading isn’t always roses.  Everyone goes through rough spots when trades don’t work, and it can be hard to show the world all of your trades when things aren’t going well.

February started looking like one of those months for me. 

I started that in July last year, and I have been averaging well over that $10,000 market each month (even with some really difficult market conditions!).

Well, after the first two weeks of February, I found myself in a hole. 🕳️ 

I was actually down around $10,000!

The answer for me was to tighten things up and make very few trades while I waited for the perfect setup to happen.

I needed to be patient and wait for what I would call “A+” trade opportunities.

That really paid off the last couple of weeks of the month.  

The market started to “make sense” to me again, and I could see a big opportunity just around the corner.

Because I was so confident in the setups I was across the market, I decided to go bigger on a few trades.

The risk is that I could have put myself in an even bigger hole if I  was wrong.

Fortunately, I was right.

These were indeed “A+” trades, and I maximized them.

February went from a big losing month for me to the best month of trading I have had since I started this service, as you can see in this screenshot of trades listed below…

*Note: Trading is hard, results not guaranteed and should not be expected to be replicated typically.

My goal is to teach my members how I identify the “perfect” trades and then show you how they work out for me week after week.

If you see this repetition, and you learn the techniques I am using, I am 100% confident you will become the best trader you can be.

In yesterday’s email, I walked you through how I find and execute on “Gamma Trigger” setups in the market (if you didn’t read it, then make sure you find it and read it NOW!)

Those types of moves have led to some of my biggest wins as a trader, and I am confident you will learn a lot from studying it.

One of the important trends I have been pointing out to you lately is the breakout we are seeing with smaller stocks, the IWM, or “small-cap index.”

A couple of weeks ago, we saw multiple “GO” signals above the 20-hour line on the hourly chart as you can see below…

It’s not a coincidence that small-cap stocks have been in a huge rally since then.

The IWM is charging higher, and it is providing a lot of renewed interest in smaller stocks.

If you have been following some of the ideas I have shown you lately, the results have been phenomenal.

We have seen moves of 20%, 50% even 200% in a matter of days, or even hours!

This is truly a special time in the market and I want you to take full advantage of it.

With this theme, I have a totally fresh idea I am going to share with you tomorrow morning.

This is another one of those stocks that I think has incredible short-term potential.

In fact, if there is a big move tomorrow, I think the “meat 🍖” of it will happen in the first couple of hours of trading.

It could be a really explosive way to start the week… and you don’t want to be late to the party, so make sure you check your inbox bright and early tomorrow before the market opens! 📬

If you have been sitting on the sidelines and missing out on everything lately, I really encourage you to read about tomorrow’s idea and see if it makes sense for you.

I’ll keep serving up killer ideas… you do with them what you will!

I hope you have a fantastic night, and I will see you bright and early tomorrow with all of the juicy details!

Jeff Bishop

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