Where Does an Entrepreneur  Start?
“Where to find capital?” is one of the many questions that can weigh heavily on entrepreneurs’ minds as they are getting new business ventures off the ground. Honestly- 30 mins ago I had a call with a founder who just closed a $2M raise and with potential choppy economic waters on the horizon, they are wondering if they should try and find another $1-2M, just “because”. There are the traditional avenues of bank loans, credit cards, and venture capital, but some interesting stories come from those founders who have taken non-standard routes to funding. After all, not everyone can make the cut for Y-Combinator’s annual graduating class. Most startups have to improvise.

Take it Digital
One example of a non-traditional funding source is Bloomnation, which is an online marketplace that matches up florists and customers to create and send custom flower bouquets across the US. This is perfect for those situations where you want to send a token of your affection to that hottie you met online, who is definitely real and not at all catfishing you.

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5 Community Rounds to checkout 👀

A Community Round allows startups to engage with thousands of their customers, users, and fans to invest alongside VCs and angel investors.

Wefunder created the industry; Stonks has helped accelerate it. All with a central focus on building community and expanding access to both founders and investors.

Please join Wefunder as they showcase five venture-funded startups opening up a Community Round.

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