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5th month into his $10,000 month mission – here’s what you missed:

Note: Trading is hard, results not guaranteed and should not be expected to be replicated typically. 

Don’t keep watching this tick up without you…

Hey Guys & Gals – Happy Tuesday!

Hope all is well.  If you missed my last email, we’ve been on quite a roll in Small Account Journey.  

My members and I are in the trenches grinding it out every day – here’s a few of my favorite chat comments:

Love the chat room!

Once you’re in a service with me you will see everyone is learning to trade their own plans – not simply mirror mine. This is exactly what I’m going for in Small Account Journey

Jump in, learn from my trades, review ALL my trading materials, paper trade, see how I set up positions, and develop your own trading convictions.

My current Journey is going WELL and I’m up – stalking Benchmark 2 which is $10,000 where I will become even more diversified.

Note: Trading is hard, results not guaranteed and should not be expected to be replicated typically.

I’m psyched with these results because of all the fine-tuning and refining over the past year.  I’m getting better and better at this and I want you along for the ride with my members and me!

Two great ways you can join me → 

Start here for Small Account Journey (only 67 life-time seats left as of writing)…

Consider an Elite membership to all our services – where you get everything on this PAGE including SAJ and Jeff’s Alpha Hunter mentioned ABOVE!

Right now Elite is being offered at a monthly rate so it’s a great chance for you to see all our trading services and decide which is the best fit for you.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jeff Brown or Davis Martin at 1-(800)-585-4488 – they’d be happy to walk you through all our trading services.

Cheers to you…and hope to see you soon pursuing your own Journey!

*sponsored by The Economist I Executive Education

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