Just this morning Fred Lambert from electrek dropped an article about Tesla visiting a graphite mine and factory in Quebec. What most don’t know is Nouveau Monde Grahphite (NMG) believes they are sitting on the biggest deposit of graphite in North America. When a tiny company gets visted by Elon’s TESLA, it becomes a story stock that can gain massive momentum.

Here’s the article you’re going to want to read.

Come talk NMG in the 360 Wall Street chatroom.

My trade plan is as follows. I like the $7.50 calls but they are not liquid — YET!

The stock is in play for me above $6 and has nice range to the $8’s and maybe even $10’s depending on how this story plays out. This is an excellent catalyst for a swing trade and I’m very interested.

Stay tuned and I’ll look to send you an interesting ‘story stock’ at least once a week.

The diary of a retail trader,

Jason Bond


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