Small trading accounts get destroyed by the PDT rule, FOMO, and drinking the Kool-Aid. Address those headon and you might have a chance. 

WHY fear of missing out (FOMO) is a problem for small account growth …

… and how my $2,000 Small Account Journey addresses it. 

No question about it, I think this strategy is better than penny stocks for trying to grow a small account.

Ever chased a penny stock breakout? Bought the top, watched it dump, and take a 40-50% loss?

Yup, me too.

Fear of missing out (FOMO) preys on your emotions and works against your goals.

Even worse, you drink the Kool-Aid and become a bag holder, more on that later.

Listen, it’s natural to get caught up in the excitement and penny stocks are notorious for doing this to traders.

It’s not your fault, but if you keep making the same mistakes, can you expect to get an edge in the market?

Let alone grow a small account?

There’s a better way and it’s what I teach in the $2,000 Small Account Journey.

The strategy looks for small dips on the 3 best tech stocks in the world.

Dip entries end the FOMO because I’m not even looking at penny stock breakouts. 

And they are limited risk, high probability trades that either work or don’t within 1-2 weeks.

It comes with a disciplined, easy to understand stop loss strategy that makes sense.

There’s a video lesson library.

A daily watchlist.

And a smartphone alert, moments before I enter and exit.

Plus ongoing education.

My goal is to take the $2,000 balance to $0 or to a number I’m no longer comfortable making a new trade.

Results not typical. Nothing is guaranteed.

After 6 weeks the $2,000 grew to $7,327 or 266%.

What’s important to know is that it’s never too late to join and learn.

Because each new trade is the exact same as the last.

That’s why people love what I’m teaching here.

And on the first day of each quarter I start a new $2,000 balance.

Point is.

While I love penny stocks, their breakouts tend to elicit FOMO. 

And there’s no place for FOMO when trying to grow a small $2,000 balance.

I know of a better way.

Start your $2,000 Small Account Journey today

Jason Bond

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