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Exciting new Weekly Watchlist update coming tonight.

Instead of the large-cap behemoths that dominated the stock market over the past decade, small-cap stocks are poised to lead the market higher next year and beyond. In fact, did you know that of the last 6 bear markets, small-caps outperformed in all 6 transitions to a bull market. I predict a bull market starts before the end of this year or very early in Q1 2023.

Small-cap stocks are poised to go on a big run in 2023, according to a Friday note from Bank of America. “Secular trends of stagflation, reshoring, localization, fiscal stimulus = small-cap bull in 2023,” BofA said.

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Weekly Watchlist:

Last week’s watchlist crushed it! TSP, CVNA, FNKO, VRNS, and LUNG all rallied. Of course the big bounce in the markets after Thursday morning’s inflation reading sure helped. Now that they’ve bounced, I’ll be watching for continuation patterns i.e. higher lows for subsequent moves. TSP and CVNA are my favorites for more upside here.

TLRY and CGC back in play now that the Senate is controlled by Democrats. I think Federal legalization will be a driver for this sector that’s been quiet for quite some time.

Momentum stocks HUDI above $10 and PIXY above $20 are looking strong this morning. These low floats can really run so I’ll keep an eye on them.

As a long-term idea I really like SOFI and think it could double or even triple in 2023. I think this is the future of banking and talked about that a lot last week before it ran to $6. It’s in play above $5.50 but again, more of a January Effect idea going out a few months or longer.

Depressed stocks SIEN, APRN, and SEV are some of my favorites to bounce. I’m in SIEN already and looking closely at APRN which has massive short interest over 70%.

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