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All the stops

“Getting out of the EU is more difficult than getting out of a timeshare contract.”- Jason Read The Beef Online – Click HereHey there carnivores, Markets fell on Friday as comments from Richard Clarida, regarding the Fed’s monetary policy, spooked investors.Today we’re talking Brexit’s big weekend. Keep raging,Jeff & JasonAll the stops  In the first Saturday meeting since 1982, UK lawmakers met…

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“Boris Johnson looks like the uncle that asks his nieces and nephews to pull his finger”- Jason, judging mercilessly Read The Beef Online – Click HereHey there carnivores, Markets rose yesterday on optimism surrounding a possible Brexit deal.Today we’ll deep dive on that potential “deal.” Keep raging,Jeff & JasonMaybrexit  Finally, after three years of Brexit headlines, the EU and the UK have c…

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Dressed to kill

Good morning everyone, Today we’re checking in on the retail apocalypse and revisiting Brexit. Remember that sh*tshow? Oh and here’s your…

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