Your ticket to Bullseye Academy is inside

Bullseye Academy begins in a few hours. If you ever wanted to learn the basics of options trading, all the way through to advanced strategies, sign up now as the course begins in a few hours. This is the deal of the year, for just $49 bucks, you get lessons with me...

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What AMZN’s Collapse Means For YOU

If you haven’t learned by now, RARELY does the market make it easy for bulls to catch and hold onto market bottoms. With that, I give you AMZN. If you didn’t hear, AMZN collapsed 20% after the market close on Thursday, after rallying more than the S&P 500...

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TSLA Going Down With Cathie’s Ship

In case you missed it, Business Insider published a great article earlier this week. Like I’ve been doing for the past few years, this article exposed a few financial influencers for what they really are.  And who took the brunt of the criticism? None other than...

sunken ship

Look What I Found On Twitter

Last night, I was scrolling through twitter, like I often do, and I came across a FinTwit account with a catchy name. When I hovered over the account name to see how many followers the account had, I was astonished to see that there were 189,000 followers. Who...

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12 penny stocks & my Cyber Monday sale

The small-cap market (IWM) continues to trend nicely and has range to $193 before we find out if this bear market is truly going to pivot to a bull market soon. I’m very optimistic 2023 will be excellent for small-caps and I’m not the only one. We’ve seen the media...

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If the VIX Doesn’t Hold Support, Look Out!

Welcome to Monday, Full Scope Trader! This week, I’ll be covering: The “Militia” is Your Only Chance ROKU: 0.14 to 0.30 IN JUST 10 MINUTES If the VIX Doesn’t Hold Support, Lookout!  People who know me know that I am a man of faith. One of THE most important tenets of...

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