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Newly Listed Company Is Investing in the “Currency of the Future” — And It Isn’t Bitcoin

“Compute is going to be the currency of the future. It will be maybe the most precious commodity in the world.” – Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI

Investing in “compute” has generated millions in revenue for a company aspiring to be “the leading publicly listed owner of AI computing infrastructure.”

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Today, ELF options opened around $4 and then surged to over $10 – just 15 mins later.


*Trading is hard, results not guaranteed and should not be expected to be replicated typically.


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Just a quick heads up about this ad you’re reading—as we’ve said, even though we like the company referenced above, and all the facts we discussed above are true to the best of our knowledge, we are running a business here. To distribute this information and help offset the costs of maintaining our large digital audience, in advance of writing the content above, we received five thousand dollars (cash) from Shore Thing Media for advertising ALSET CAPITAL INC for a four-day marketing program starting on May 28 and ending on May 31 of 2024. This amount was paid by someone else not connected to ALSET CAPITAL INC. It might be obvious, but whoever paid for this might own shares and is likely looking to sell some or all of them at any time after we send out this information, which might affect the stock price. We may also buy or sell shares in the company at some point in the future, although neither RagingBull nor its owners own any shares of the company at this time. Also, keep in mind that due to the sheer size of our audience, if even a small percentage of people decide they want to buy this stock, it could potentially boost interest enough to hike up those share prices and cause a temporary spike, and the opposite is possible as our program ends, though that is not always the case.

Now, diving right into ALSET CAPITAL INC might sound exciting. But remember, it’s like venturing into the wilderness—be aware that there’s exceptional risk involved in trading. This isn’t small potatoes we’re talking about; you could lose every dime you put in, so always carefully think about what you’re doing. That’s why they call this trading, after all. We’re shining a light on the good stuff about the company here, but it’s on you to do your homework, make your own calls, and determine a plan for your own trading, hopefully with the help of your professional 1nvestment advis0r.

Oh, that brings us to another crucial point—we’re not here to tell you (or even recommend) what you should do with your hard-earned money. We’re simply sharing our non-expert thoughts by highlighting some companies we like that could use some help telling their story to more people. We’re obviously biased in our writing. We’re not here to dig into anything that may be negative about the company; this is advertising, after all! Also, keep in mind that if we make some predictions about the future, these are technically known as “forward-L00king statements” under the securities acts, so take those with a grain of salt. As with all forecasts, they’re not set in stone, often wrong, and we certainly can’t know where the Company’s earnings, business, or share price will be tomorrow or a year from now.

Everything you read from us is all for your education, information, and possible entertainment. While we believe the info is reliable and accurate, we can’t wear a cape and guarantee it. Before you jump into anything, make sure to talk it over with a pro—someone you trust who’s licensed to give you real advice. To be clear,

Neither Raging Bull nor its owners, employees, or independent contractors are registered as a secur1ties br0ker-dealer, br0ker, 1nvestment advis0r (IA), or IA rep’s with the SEC, any state securities regulat0ry authority, or any self-regulat0ry organization.

So, that’s the scoop! If you’re intrigued and want to learn more about the companies we talk about, hit up the SEC’s website to dig into their filings and see the full picture.

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