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Last week, I thought it was time again to bet against the markets.  I was right on the call, and the stock I picked (V) had decent potential, but not as much as I was hoping for.  

I ended up taking a small profit early in the week when the stock had a tough time breaking the $220 level.  I am never upset with even a small profit (especially when so many other people were losing last week!), but as I said, I am always looking for a bigger win.

This week, I think we are on the path to a rebound week.  That means I want to go long on stocks.  If you have been following my training sessions at all, you know I love going after recent earnings winners when it comes to which stocks I will target.

In my sights, this week is a stock that recently had blowout earnings, even while most tech companies are slashing earnings estimates and cutting staff– MNDY is a standout and delivered impressive sales numbers and future estimates too.

I love this chart pattern right now as well, and it is important that you join my live session @ 11am EST today to talk all about it.

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Fueled by back-to-back strong earning results in the last two quarters, MNDY has been quietly becoming one of the top-performing stocks in the market over the last few months, as it has gained over 100% from the November lows.

MNDY just had a $20 pullback from the highs reached after the last earnings report.  I am using that as an opportunity to enter the trade at a great price.

If I am wrong, I will use the recent lows around $145 as my stop if the stock closes below that level.

If things go my way, I think we will see MNDY trade up to $165 and possibly even $180 as my two upside targets.

My Trade Details:

  • MNDY Mar 17 2023 160 Call near $7
  • Stop: Close below $145
  • Target 1: $165
  • Target 2: $180


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