Yesterday, I got a lot of questions about why I was cautious on the market this week.

It’s not a “sixth sense” or gut feeling.

It simply comes down to following my most trusted indicator – the trusty “20-Hour moving average.”

I highlighted four spots on the price chart for QQQ below.

You can see that buying upside breakouts have worked perfectly over the last month (I nailed the first two… but missed the last one!)

While I would much rather buy the upside breakouts, this also works to the downside when a stock starts to break below the 20-MA line, as you can see above where I told members on Friday that I was taking a rare bet against QQQ.

That’s a rare move for me because tech stocks seem to only go higher!  Betting against them is a dangerous game.

Well, that call on Friday paid off pretty well for those who listened because the market crashed more on Monday.

I am never comfortable with shorting QQQ, because it can reverse course and move higher very quickly.

I am out of my short position now, and I am patiently waiting for another breakout to the upside.

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I will share exactly what I am looking for and what trades I plan to make to capitalize on this.

In the meantime, I’d like to revisit the stock idea I shared with you yesterday on HUBC.

While it didn’t make a 90% move higher like the one I showed you last week, we did see it make a 12% move before lunchtime…

I thought that was very respectable, considering the market was pretty ugly yesterday.

This shows you why I think looking at small-cap ideas in times of market turbulence can be a very good thing.

Right now, HUBC is trading back at a level I think you should pay attention to.

After yesterday’s spike, HUBC settled right back to the 20-hour moving average, which is around $.88 right now.

That has been the spot it has launched from several times recently, so I think it makes sense to keep a close eye on that.

We saw HUBC break through the $.90 resistance I pointed out.  Now, if it can do that again, I think we could see a retest of the important $1 level.

I like this stock right now because it is coming off an oversold level from a couple of weeks ago and has been slowly resuming an uptrend since then.

The moves have not been extreme.  Instead, there have been gradual rallies and mild pullbacks.

If this continues, I think we could see a very nice week ahead of us.

Make sure you are paying close attention to HUBC right now!

And in case you missed my email yesterday (and you should go back and read it if you did!), HUB Cyber Security (HUBC) is a  — you guessed it  —  cyber security firm founded in Israel in 2017 by former members of the elite intelligence unit of the Israeli Defense Forces.

The company has really been on the move lately, so I’d like to cover some recent developments.

The big news in Israel, of course, has been the war in Gaza in the wake of the October attacks.

As I’m sure you know, wars aren’t just fought on the battlefield these days. Digital security is a critical component of national security, especially with regard to military resources.

It’s a sign of HUBC’s stature that on October 19, it announced its participation in the nation’s digital “Fortress” defenses.

“HUB Security will provide superior defenses to national infrastructures in the wake of the urgent need for robust cybersecurity measures,” the company said.

In December, HUBC had a leadership shakeup, with board member and Chief Strategy Officer Noah Hershcoviz stepping up to CEO.

The announcement notes that Mr. Hershcoviz “was formerly a member of the EY Transaction Advisory team and has global banking and business experience with multi-billion-dollar international public companies and IPOs.”

Mr. Hershcoviz commented that he believes “HUB is undervalued and can reach new heights in its business performance.”

Just two days later, the company reported a €15.6 million agreement with “a prominent Swiss aviation vendor” to provide “a wide range of solutions and services for cyber data security alongside ongoing systems safety and reliability analysis” over the course of three years.

It noted that the agreement could “potentially expand in scope and service revenues.”

The next week, we learned of “a key collaboration agreement with one of Israel’s top-three military contractors.”

According to the agreement, “HUB will provide Confidential Computing and ancillary cybersecurity services . . . to be used in a wide range of on-ground applications. Within the collaboration, HUB’s technology aims to secure all mission-critical information being processed in real-time by combat computers.”

In January, HUBC issued a press release saying it believes it has cleared some temporary setbacks and, thanks to “rapid actions and a complete change of the Company’s C-level management,” it has “created a new wave of strategic change where 2024 is expected to be a transformative year towards a strong FY2025 with a path to growth to over $100 million in expected revenues from existing and new contracts.”

For comparison, the company’s H1 2023 revenues were $30.7 million.

HUBC also said 2025 may see “a potentially significant positive Adjusted EBITDA.”

Lastly, the company said it expects FY2024 to be a “transformative year.”

I’ll have more to say about this as the week goes, but so HUBC does appear to be living up to that promise. Stay tuned, and I’ll fill you in on the details.

Make sure you are watching HUBC very closely right now!

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