Jeff Bishop taught me a niche options strategy.

What he taught me worked so well I decided to try it with a tiny balance.

There’s 7 reasons Journey works so well. 

Advantage 1: The odds are always in your favor

Why, you ask? 

A three-year study came to three major conclusions:

  1. On average, three of every four options held to expiry, expire worthless;

  2. The puts and calls that expired worthless played off the primary trend of the underlying;

  3. Option sellers still come out ahead even if they go against the trend.

In fact, of put options alone, 82.6% expired worthless. 

In some of the studies, up to 96% of puts or calls expire worthless if sold favoring the trend. 

For example, here’s the current balance:

Results not typical. Trading is hard. Nothing is guaranteed.

This sounds like common sense, but a lot of traders bet against the trend. 

When it comes to selling options, the old adage most definitely holds true: The trend is your friend. 

Sell options with the trend and you boost your odds the options will expire worthless. 

Source: The Complete Guide To Options Selling 3rd Edition by Cordier and Gross

Advantage 2: You don’t have to pick market direction anymore

The hard part of buying options is you must get the direction right and predict when the move will occur. 

Predicting where prices will go is like trying to predict the direction of a hurricane.

Smart option sellers bet that the storm will not make a 180-degree turnaround into the wind. 

That’s ALL! 

They don’t play the game of guessing where the storm will hit. That’s a low odds game. Guessing where it will not hit is much easier. 

  1. Short-term trading (day trading)  is too difficult. 

  2. Markets can be sporadic over short-term periods.

  3. As a seller of options 1-2 weeks out, day to day market gyration does not concern me. 

Advantage 3: Accrued profits can be large

Taking time to learn a strategy and allocating capital likely means you want a bigger payoff. 

Most traders don’t know this strategy and that’s fine, but option selling has the horsepower to deliver. 

On November 13 I started a fresh $2,000 balance. 

It’s at $33,004 now or up 1,550%.

Results not typical. Trading is hard. Nothing is guaranteed.

Keep in mind, this isn’t the first time I’ve grown $2,000 to over $30,000.

And members’ phones get every one of those alerts BEFORE I enter and exit. 

My goal is to get one of these $2,000 balances to $100,000.

What’s your goal?

Advantage 4: Time is on your side

See as an option seller, the passage of time is your greatest ally. 

As a seller of an option, you are like a football team that plays defense for an entire game. 

How much time is on the clock when you start the game is up to you. 

You give yourself a predetermined point lead and your opponent so much time to beat you. 

For example, give yourself a 50-point lead and give your opponent two quarters to beat you.

Point is. The option buyer works against the market and time. Same as the offense, trailing, has to work against the defense and time left on the clock. 

Here’s what that looks like on a recent trade I made. See how the options prices decay inside the same day?

It’s like the buyer is holding a bucket of water with holes in it and the seller is below collecting it.

Advantage 5: Taking profits becomes simple

Most books on trading tell you not to be emotional about your trading. How can you not be emotional about your trading? This is your money that we’re talking about! You’re going to be emotional about it no matter what you tell yourself. 

As the seller,  the decision of when to take profits generally becomes one that you no longer have to make. 

The market makes it for you. 

If the option is not in-the-money, the value will deteriorate to zero at expiry. 

I teach taking 30% early in the trade or 50% halfway through expiry. It’s that easy. 

Advantage 6: Perfect timing is no longer necessary

In a bull trend, sell far beneath the market, allowing for wide price fluctuations. 

For this I teach the 10-day EMA.

See how well NVDA trades above the green line? That’s the 10-day EMA. 

I simply sell puts at or below the 10-day EMA, over and over.

Works on META and NFLX too. Here’s META’s chart. Again, see how well META trades at or above the 10-day EMA?

Here’s what alerts to members’ phones look like.

Advantage 7: Many methods of risk control

Stop loss strategy is double the entry. So if I get in a $1.70 like the alert above, my profit goal is 50% or $.85 and my stop loss is $3.40.

Ever wonder why there are so many insurance commercials on TV?

It’s because they are making billions of dollars a year by selling policies to people like you and me.

What a fantastic business!

And if you have a billionaire uncle, I would suggest you start an insurance company.

Next best thing?

Learn how to sell options to other traders.

Insurance companies make calculated odds against people making claims.

Option sellers bet against buyers making profits.

This is my most popular service and I think you’ll love it too.

Mine is to grow one of these $2,000 balances huge to $100,000. 

Jason Bond

I cannot speak for my members’ performance, as results may not be typical and trading is hard. And I cannot guarantee you will make money. But what I can guarantee is I will work my butt to teach you why I trade what I trade.

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