I want to give you a brutal reminder (and share something with you). But before I go into the meat of the matter…

Did you catch the breakdown of that massive TSLA trade from Friday? 

Bull put options seemed to make sense at the time…and it paid off.

P.S. Want to learn even more during this volatile time in the market? And hear it LIVE. Add my schedule to your calendar HERE.

You already know — I’m a penny stock evangelist and I love swing trading! But swings have been difficult in this volatile market.

As I mentioned in the email I sent earlier, I have a few stocks on my radar for the long term — SIEN and WEAV.

While I’m looking at VEON for a swing trade sometime this week.

(I’ll update you on how these stocks play out, or you could watch me trade live if you’re part of the Live chat room)

I know what you’re thinking. 

Holding long-term isn’t really our focus but then here’s a reminder…

The market doesn’t care about our feelings — you need to adapt!

In my experience, I’ve learned (the hard way) that when you overtrade in choppy markets like what we’re seeing now…

Chances are you’ll get burnt.

There’s a lot of speculation right now. Traders are trying to make sense of factors like;

The war in Ukraine and Russian gas…Federal Reserve’s rate-hiking cycle…No to mention inflation and supply chain pressures.

But as savvy traders know…

Volatility, like we’re seeing now, could create opportunities!

You just need to;

  1. Adapt — you have to figure out if when to stick to stocks and when to look at options.
  2. Know WHERE to look — what sectors make more sense? 
  3. Most importantly, know how to play your cards properly.

Want to learn how I plan to play my cards?

You’re in luck! I’m putting together a special Livestream by 2 P.M ET tomorrow.

I’ll go on-air to talk about the state of the market, where I think it’s headed, and most importantly…

You’ll learn the top strategies I rely on to — not only navigate this volatile market — but make the most out of the opportunities I see.

Believe me when I say you’ll kick yourself if you miss this Livestream!

Click here to set a reminder on your calendar so you won’t miss it.

Jason Bond

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