Love can make people do the stupidest things…. Just like greed….

Today we have now a former CFO that has done went and royal fudged up.

A move that had the SEC riding up swords drawn ready to slay the CFO slipping his girlfriend the forbidden tip.

But its moves just like this that open a world of opportunity up and our scanner ninja Ben Sturgill. And he knows just how to sniff out these smart money moves and take advantage of them.

But before I spill the beans on Ben Sturgill’s magical ways let’s jump into today’s edition of a special kind of stupid love…. Or as the SEC likes to call it Insider Trading.

The couple that plays the market together might get to go to jail together. 

Immunomedics Inc. CFO Usama Malik and the woman young enough to be his child, former head of communications Immunomedics Lauren Wood have been charged with alleged securities fraud.

However, the disgraced CFO’s lawyers are whistling a different tune… One that sounds a lot like the American dream of success.

But according to the Feds the story played out quite differently.

The Hot News

….With Malik, due to his position, learned that FDA was going to let the company halt its breast cancer treatment trials. Why? It had proven to be more effective.

Now the company announced this news to us regular folks April 6, 2020.

Then It happened

But what happened before this is where things get SPICY.

It is rumored that Lady Wood, who had already left the company, lived with the CFO during this time.

And at some point, while playing house Malik divulged the company’s recent success… coincidentally during the time his employer placed CURRENT employees and those that lived with them on a trading “black-out”.

After receiving this tasty tidbit Wood went on a chopping spree gobbling up Immunomedic shares by the THOUSANDS.

And his bedmate wasn’t the only person the CFO shared this naughty intel with.

Because according to the SEC he had no qualms whispering his employer’s success in family members’ ears as well…. That conveniently happened to also live with the CFO.


When the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority came a-knocking with questions about Lady Wood’s impeccable timing in trading. He didn’t mention that they were bedmates OR roommates. Claiming to not have even spoken to his supposed girlfriend during that time.  

But it is not the couple making news again with insider trading charges that is the point of this story….

There is a lot to learn from news like this AND potentially to actually make money off the moves of the scandalous lives of those living on the wrong side of the law.

And folks the GOOD NEWS is it 100% LEGAL you just need the tools and the know-how to do it.

This is where Ben Sturgill comes in.

He with his years of experience wading through the dark pools plus his trusty scanner can make sense of the mountain of data that lurks here.

This is where he spots moves before they are splashed across the news.

And Ben Sturgill’s expertise is teaching traders like you and me how he doesn’t get stuck on the outside looking in while the fat cats in the know make bank.

Instead, we get to learn how he uses his Dark Pools Scanner to hunt down the scandalous Dark Pool trades.

Want to join him on his search through the Dark Pools for what the Wall Street insiders are up to when they think no one is looking?

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