It may seem counterintuitive given everything happening in the world at the moment, but we’ve actually had a few really good days in the market!

Just look at the last three trading sessions of SPY:

A strong rebound, with solid and healthy intraday volatility!

The new geopolitical and economic realities may be hard to stomach… but life goes on, at least for the market!

And one big testament to that is the small-cap action – of which we’ve got a lot yesterday!

When penny stocks get moving en masse, you really know investors’ are getting hungry for some risk-taking!

Are we about to get some major multi-day small-cap runners? It’s too early to tell. 

But if that’s the case, here are a few names worth watching, brought to you by none other than Jason Bond:

Sientra, Inc – SIEN


Market Cap – $159.2M

Float – 56.3M Shares

Short Interest – 18.4%

As you likely figured by now, it’s the short interest part that gets Jason very excited.

From the chart standpoint, the name is long due for a bounce, and having now found support near $2.50, it might have an attempt to move higher, with the rest of the market. 

Should volume come in – short covering will follow and accelerate the move higher. 

To get involved, Jason wants to see the name hold $2.50 and start advancing higher over the next few sessions. 


Cadiz Inc – CDZI


Market Cap – $114.5M

Float – 27.3M Shares

Short Interest – 6.4%

In a similar fashion to SIEN, this chart can really use a bounce! 

And while the short interest is not as impressive, it looks like in CDZI the move may have already started!

Jason wants to see the current uptrend maintain and gain steam. He’s interested as long as $2 and then $2.30 gets supported. 

Nano Dimension – NNDM


Market Cap – $883.4M

Float – 258.4M

Short Interest – 8.9%

If you’ve been trading for some time, you may remember NNDM – the name was once on every traders’ screen, due to its spectacular run-up from under $1 to nearly $18 in late 2020 – early 2021.

All good things in small-cap land usually come to an end and NNDM was no exception – the stock has been beaten down badly!

Now, having given back so much, it seems to have found some support – if it were to bounce at all, right now could be the time!

Jason sees $3.30 as a key inflection point – he is interested in trading the long side, as long as the stock stays above that level. 

If you want to hear his detailed, live commentary, or see his real-time entries and exits – be sure to pay a visit to his Live Trading Room!


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