We all want to be experts at trading, right?

And sometimes, that means digging in and mastering one specific kind of trade – and running it on repeat.

…except the market doesn’t work that way.

Just when you think you have things figured out, world events, bad earnings reports, industry trends, or even just a bad tweet can waltz in and ruin everything.

Are you able to pivot when that happens?

That’s what my man Jason Bond did recently.

He was struggling a bit… so he made a decision to incorporate some new trades – and share them with traders.

Jason Bond here, and I have been really frustrated with my penny stock trades lately.

Small caps entered a bear market. And who knows what the Fed is going to do next or how the market will react, not to mention a major war and global conflict to digest.

All of that to say, in my opinion, to survive in these markets, we need multiple tools in our tool belt… like Jeff already told you.

That’s because things get unpredictable in a hurry – in both directions! 

For example, last week I couldn’t toss a stone in the ocean with my penny stocks.

But then Monday, penny stocks were ripping so I moved on SOUN and nailed nearly 50% in just a few hours.

(I alerted traders of this in my chat room.)

Point is, in my 11th year of trading, I’ve seen many ups and downs with penny stocks and the same with options. Sometimes, all I want to do is penny stocks. Other times, like the last few weeks, I turn to options because my penny stocks are stuck in the mud.

This brings me to my bigger point. I no longer want to define JasonBondPicks by penny stocks or options. Instead, I’d like to teach traders how to attack the market and pivot using all of the approaches and skills I’ve refined over my trading career.

That’s why I’m combining my trading services and strategies – including penny stocks and options trades – into one simple service: JasonBondPicks.

In JasonBondPicks, you get:

  • My favorite options strategies
  • Deep-diving penny stock lessons
  • Pre-alert swing trade notifications
  • Access to my WAR ROOM, where I notify traders of many more stock and options trades in real-time.

It’s a great opportunity and the perfect time to do it. Click HERE to jump into JasonBondPicks and learn more about how to get a LIVE trading education from me in the WAR ROOM!

Jeff Bishop

One of the best traders anywhere, over the past 20 years Jeff’s made multi-millions trading stocks, ETFs, and options. He is renowned as an incredible trader with a deep insight and a sensitive pulse on the markets and the economy. Jeff Bishop is CEO and Co-Founder of RagingBull.com.

Even greater than his prowess as a trader is his skill and passion in teaching others how to trade and rake in profits while managing risk.

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