If you haven’t learned by now, RARELY does the market make it easy for bulls to catch and hold onto market bottoms.

With that, I give you AMZN.

If you didn’t hear, AMZN collapsed 20% after the market close on Thursday, after rallying more than the S&P 500 during the October bounce.

In other words, a lot of retail traders who thought they caught AMZN’s bottom earlier this month are now learning that it’s not easy to properly position at market bottoms.

After 20+ years in this business, I am proud to confess that some of my toughest personal lessons came during bear markets like this year’s. 

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That’s why I have to laugh when I hear folks tell me that their strategy is to follow “popular” traders on social trading websites.

I laugh because these so-called “experts” built their popularity during a PUMPED UP bull market, when even throwing darts at a dart board worked.

Guess what happened when that bubble popped earlier this year?

Those same traders looking for the easy way out lost their shirts as their “popular” leaders simply ran for cover.

That’s right!

When these retail traders needed guidance most, leadership ran into hiding.

Me, on the other hand?

Well, I’ll just let my members do the talking:


These comments are from this ugly year we’ve been having.

Now, 2022 isn’t 2008, yet, but it’s getting close.

The 2008 to 2009 financial crisis was a dark period that will live with me forever, because it allowed me to develop a strategy that helped me bounce back.

And RIGHT NOW, as markets are bouncing back from EXTREMELY bearish conditions, is the time to use it.

I’ve been sharing some real gems in my LIVE trading sessions this week, because this market is producing SO MANY great opportunities.

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To YOUR Success!!!

Jeff Bishop

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