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So now that the Buffalo Bills have lost (crying), I’m no longer focused 100% on small-caps, but instead, I’m dialed in and 110% on small-caps ha. Let’s go!


As always, we’ll get started Monday morning with Lightning Strike from 7-9A ET. Join the live stream hereLightning Strike is where we try to find Monday’s most explosive small-cap, before it erupts.


If you’re new watch these live recaps:


  • AMAM Lightning Strike (03:17)

  • LUCY Lightning Strike (09:28)

  • CRKN Lightning Strike (03:01)


Many busy professionals enjoy the Lightning Strike trade because it takes place before the work day. Lightning Strike has $799/Year in value and is included in Lightning Alerts




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Monday’s Lightning List:


LANV, TMPO, and JFU are the breakdowns I’m watching to start the week. I sure like TMPO from $1.80’s because it has a big range to $4. JFU is light volume but the range from $8-$10 is hard to ignore with volume climbing late last week. 


LYT, GNS, COSM, and TOUR are the breakouts I’m watching Monday morning. GNS is my favorite to start the week only if it can hold the 50% retracement, otherwise I think it’s back to $1’s. COSM is also at the top of my list and looking good for a gap up Monday morning, though it may have extended a bit too much Friday into the close. 


Swing trade Lightning Alerts are sent to subscribers by text (RagingBull APP) and email in real-time just before I buy / sell. 


Lightning Alerts Portfolio:


Full transparency. I live stream my real-money portfolio in the chat room for subscribers from 4A-8P ET.


I’m swinging ORIC, PHVS, SMMT, BBAI, and long-term Hidden Gem LQMT headed into this week. Stop loss management is based on technical analysis. Goal is always 10-20% on swings within the range and 50-100% on Hidden Gems. 


New Hidden Gem:


I’ll have a new Hidden Gem stock for premium subscribers in the morning. I’ve identified a low float cash-flow positive nano-cap with fast growth and strong guidance. Range to significant potential resistance is 100-200%. In my view, this one checks all the boxes for a Hidden Gem. Of course, nothing is promised – trading is inherently risky. And it takes skill to discern what’s a great opportunity and what’s garbage


Hidden Gems has $999/Year in value and is included in Lightning Alerts


SAVE 70% on Lightning Alerts $1,999 $599 1-Year SALE or 80% $799 2-Year.

Jason Bond

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