14 hot penny stocks to start the week

SWVL, MDVL, GSUN, VEDU, HOLO, and PHIO are all stocks that prior to late last week appeared to be pricing for bankruptcy. 

SWVL is a swing trade I’m in from this group. 

Not in GSUN yet but that and HOLO stand out to me for more momentum early in the week. GSUN has 248 months of cash left so with China reopening, this could get some legs. For HOLO I want to see it above $4.50’s Monday to be in play, blue sky breakout above if it keeps going. 

ORIC, LHDX, FNGR, EZGO, AMAM, PHVS, SMMT, and CDZI are all continuation patterns that spiked recently and have come back to life last week. 

ORIC and AMAM are swing trades I’m in from this group. 

PHVS and SMMT continue to be favorites, however, Summit was a bit heavier Thursday and Friday than we’ve seen on previous pullbacks in this bull flag. PHVS clearly setting up at $12, watch for a $15-$18 move. Strong cash position for PHVS. SMMT had fantastic news ($500M up front in a deal up to $5B) and it is likely to lead to more positive headlines. If it holds $4 I’ll be watching SMMT for a move to $6.  

FNGR and LHDX are better looking retracement trade ideas with very big upside range. FNG has room to $6 and LHDX to $1 again. If PHVS continues with light volume and SMMT doesn’t hold low $4’s, these two become top of the list. 

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