Can I get your attention for the next 3 minutes? 

Because this is a timely reminder I think EVERY trader needs to hear.

You see…

One of the fastest ways to burn your money is by allowing your emotions to get the best of you while trading. 

In my opinion, greed definitely ranks high up there in any trader’s enemy list.

So if you feel the need to…

“Hold just a little bit longer and profit more”

Chances are you’re guilty (and you need to stop listening to that voice)

But don’t worry, though, you’re not alone.

I’m guilty sometimes too, and so is every other trader out there.


The best way to fight this enemy

…is to learn how to stay in control. 

You have to get better at two things;

1. Letting go of losers

Yes, losing trades can mess up your mind and possibly affect your performance.

But continuing to stay in a position that’s failing is even worse. 

In this business, hope is not a plan.

So, the logical thing to do with a position going against you is to exit before things get worse. 

Dump it. Cut it. Move on.

There will always be another trade. Like I always say…

A single trade will never make you rich, but one bad one can wreck your account

The other thing you can do is…

2. Taking your profits when you can

Every trading day I wake up, my goal is to grow my account. 

That’s what we all want — to stay profitable. But to do that, you need a plan. 

A good one. 

And part of a solid trading plan is the profit target. This is the price point where you’ll take your gain and exit a trade.

Whenever you identify your setup and figure out a good entry point…

Try to take profits when you hit your target


The market is crazy and can flip on you…especially when you don’t see it coming.

Developing the discipline to take what you can and exit will save you from a ton of avoidable losses.

Remember, the stock market will still be open tomorrow.

That being said…

An effective way to shorten your learning curve, improve your skills, and level up in your trading journey…

Is to learn from a more experienced trader.

The goal is to broaden your knowledge, so you have the confidence to make your own decisions.

That’s why I’m LIVE every trading day in my private chat room.

I’m sharing my screen and teaching folks valuable trading lessons I’ve learned over the last decade.

And the best part is I’m sending out trade alerts whenever I spot opportunities

They get notified before I buy, sell, or even adjust my position.

…so if this is something you’d be interested in, then come trade with me live.

Jason Bond


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